Google Nexus Tablet is a 7-inch Asus Transformer?

At the CES 2012, Google CEO Eric Schmidt mentioned that a Nexus tablet is in the works and that it should surface after 6 months. At same event, a 7” tablet was seen in the NVidia and ASUS booth that features a quad-core 1.2GHz Tegra 3 processor, 1280×780 resolution, 1GB RAM and 16GB storage capacity.

The shocker with this tablet is that it is said to be released with $199.99 price tag. Sources said that this may be a viable candidate for the first Google Nexus tablet.

True enough, six months after the CES 2012 a tablet is seen being tested at Rightware’s PowerBoard benchmark. The device information solidified what the sources previously mentioned about an ASUS/Google partnership powered by NVidia. The only slight misstep in the prediction is that this tablet is equipped with a 1.3GHz Quad-core NVidia Tegra 3 processor.

Based on the source code on the said benchmark, the product of ASUS/Google tandem is listed to have Android 4.1 which will most likely be Jellybean. Staying true to their legacy of pairing their latest device with their latest OS, this 7” tablet is believed to be the very first device to sport the Android Jellybean.

As for the official announcement of this tablet we’re putting our money on Google’s annual i/O Developer Conference this 27th and 29th of June. This is definitely something to look forward to especially if the initial price estimate is right, so stay tuned for any updates regarding this 7-incher. For now we’ll have to live by its alias Nexus 7.

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Editor’s Note: We will be flying to Taiwan next week for the Computex 2012 (sponsored by Asus). We can definitely say that the Google Asus Nexus 7 tablet will be unveiled there. The expected retail price is in the vicinity of $250 or around Php11,000. – Yuga

Here’s the official teaser video shared to us by Asus:

Notice at the end, it says — new transformation, with a silhouette of what could be a small Transformer Prime separating from its keyboard.

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  1. not bad if its only 11K!

  2. boyoy

    slap this with win8 and i’m sold

    • @boboy! tapos slap mo sa mukha mo!!! win8 daw! hello! DOA ang win8 mo! tanong mo pa kay Bill GAtes! sobrang tawa ko sa yo!

  3. boboy

    Baket mo namang nasabing DOA? Ang mga android tablets ang DOA! I have an iPad 2 and am waiting for a Win8 tablet. The competition is gonna be between the two, because today android tablets are nowhere to find in terms of market share.

    • Ishepherd

      Speaking like a true Sheep. Tsk. Wrong Info dude.

    • Cielo

      Since when? :D

    • togmolodon

      You are obviously talking out of your ASS! What market share are you talking about? Did you even read MS projections? Apple is lording it over the tablet market, and Android based tabs are a distant second, and as for Windows based tabs = ZERO market share!

  4. perdro

    @boboy: seriously??? that’s why android tablets and mobiles are selling like a hot cakes around the globe. do some research dude, don’t be so obsessed with the APPLE BRAND.

  5. people, BOBOY the Hipster has spoken! go take some vitamins boy, you don’t know what u’r talking about

  6. boyoy

    wow bunch of butthurt android fanboys lol


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