AMD outs FirePro S9150 with 16GB GDDR5 RAM

Advanced Micro Devices has recently announced its new monster GPU dubbed as the AMD FirePro S9150 which is touted to go toe-to-toe with the NVidia Tesla K40 in the server GPU category.

AMD FirePro S9150 philippines

Equipped with a whopping 16GB of GDDR5 RAM and 320GB/s memory bandwidth, the FirePro S9150is expected to bring incredible graphics performance which is crucial for the supercomputers that it will cater to.

AMD was also keen to point out that the FirePro S9150 only requires the same maximum power (235 watts) as the Tesla K40, yet delivers better single precision floating-point performance (5.07 TFLOPS vs 4.29 TFLOPS) and double precision floating-point performance (2.53 TFLOPS vs 1.43 TFLOPS).

AMD FirePro S9150 specs:
GPU Engine:
Architecture: GCN 1.1
Stream Cores: 2,816
TFR: 163.7GT/Sec
Bus Type: GDDR5
Bus Width: 512-bit
Capacity: 16GB
Bandwidth: 320GB/sec
Bus Interface: PCI Express 3.0 x16
Power and Performance:
TDP: 235 watts
5.07 TFLOPS (Single Precision) / 2.53 TFLOPS (Double Precision)

Various partners, including ASUS and Gigabyte, have already expressed their interests on the new FirePro S9150 and it will most likely be available on the third quarter of the year. Official pricing has not been announced at the time of writing.

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  1. istingki

    This is not a server GPU. Servers don’t need a high end GPU. This is for workstations on graphics environment.

  2. You are wrong! This kind of GPU is use for High Performance Computing (HPC) on servers.

  3. mga ungas. wala kayong alam. nanghuhula lang kayo. mga feeling pogi.

  4. rich_kid

    pwede to sa pisonet business ko. wala akong budget eh


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