iPad Mini and Nexus 7, side by side comparison

Now that we’ve got both the Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad Mini, we’ve been trying both tablets for a couple of weeks to see which one makes for a better portable tablet.

Both tablets are among the most popular devices in the 7-inch tablet market. Apple has apparently conceded that the 10-inch tablet category is not longer a leader and needs to complement it with a smaller one.

The display size of the Nexus 7 is at 7 inches flat (diagonally) while the iPad Mini has 0.9 inches more. However, because the aspect ratio of the iPad Mini is at 4:3 and not 16:9 like the Nexus 7, the total screen real estate is much bigger on the iPad Mini.

The resolution on the iPad Mini is 1024×768 pixels, giving it a pixel density of 164ppi. The Nexus 7, on the other hand, has a slightly higher resolution os 1280×800 pixels. Those extra pixels and the small display size gives the Nexus 7 a much better pixel density at 216ppi.

While the picture quality in the Nexus 7 could be a bit washed out at times, it is sharper and more crisp, it is less reflective while the picture quality on the iPad Mini can still be considered good, has more than enough brightness but will less sharpness, clarity and resolution.

Once you’ve trained your eyes on a Retina Display of the iPad 3, the iPad Mini will definitely show its flaws in the display resolution department.

The back side of the iPad Mini has a smooth but matte finish. It looks very elegant but industrial at the same time, has a solid cold feel to it. The back side of the Nexus 7 is rather unique, has that pimpled spots and a bit of tapered edges that provides more grip when held with one hand.

The iPad Mini is is way thinner though and looks much sexier than the Nexus 7. However, because of the width of the Mini, we found it really hard to grasp with one hand while we found it much comfortable to do on the Nexus 7.

The iPad Mini feels more fragile though because of we think the metallic construction is prone to scratches, just like the iPhone 5. We never had the same worry with the Nexus 7 although the plastic body doesn’t really attract some sympathy either.

We’ve already shared with you the specs comparison of both tablets before but we’ll just re-post it here for your convenience.

The Nexus 7 has its advantages while the iPad Mini still has it charm. We don’t deny that the solid Apple brand and the sheer attractiveness of the Mini is enough to make it a hot item but the Nexus 7 can still hold its own, winning several points over the iPad Mini.

Then, there’s also the question of pricing. The Nexus 7 is already officially available at Php13,995 for the 32GB model. The same 32GB model of the iPad Mini still sells for about Php23,000 in the grey market. That’s still a huge price difference there.

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  1. Benchmark

    regarding the quality of the device being drop accidentally… well the construction of the apple is better compared to nexus 7…well that is according to their video and outcome.

    but then again, lahat naman tayo maingat sa mga devices natin. so perhaps, i’d choose nexus 7 :) hehehehe

    kanya kanya lang yang trip.

    nice review/comparison sir yuga

  2. Apple because of the 5MP at the back.

  3. baaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaa

  4. Nexus 7 because of the powerful hardware!

  5. Parang medyo hilaw ata yung comparison?

    It did not put any justice to both units.

    A few things siguro para mas okay.

    Compare the ipad mini screen/display with nexus 7 and not with the ipad 3. Concentrate tayo dun. Then sana actual performance. How washed out? How sharp?

    Hardware. Specs wise, nexus 7 wins by a mile. Pero sana mas practical eh yung performance. Tipong same app buksan. Alin mas mabilis, etc.

    Price wise, obviously, nexus 7 na yan.
    Pero sana i-equate natin sa total quality ng ng unit. Tipong materiala used etc.

    Lastly, tantanan na po natin ang pag mention about apps available. Halos pareho lang naman na marami. Sayang sa space.

    If ever pede po ko magreview, yun lang i ddont have the units. Peram? Hahhaha

    Sure, a thorough comparison for future buyers will be very nice.

  6. Nexus 7 because its got Jelly Bean and its got many free apps, better display, better processor speed ang better aspect ratio

  7. u probably need to buy a camera instead of a tablet = p (ipadmini bcoz of 5 mp cam) LOL ^^

  8. let the battle of the iSheep vs. Fandroids commence…

  9. This will depend on your needs and preference. if you need the 5mp rear camera get the ipad. if not then get the nexus 7.

  10. Srsly? Shooting pictures on a tablet’s rear camera outdoors will only make you look ridiculous. It’s just wrong. And you’ll buy a gadget that has last year’s hardware with that price? No thanks.

    I’d stick with the Nexus 7. Real bang for the buck. :)

    I’d consider buying the IPad Mini with Retina Display next year though. :)

  11. Nexus is for tech guy while Ipad mini is for fashionista! ^_^

  12. nice post

  13. Specs / price-wise nexus is the clear winner, you can compensate the lack of rear camera with its expandable memory and Bluetooth transfer functionalities.

  14. You might want to rethink that bit about expandable storage. AFAIK nexus devices have gone down the path of no expandable storage.

    • OTG cables could be used with Nexus 7s, which would mean that you can use flash drives with it. You could also watch movies from a portable hard drive using an OTG cable.

  15. plastic vs metal
    metal housings make it impossible to use NFC /thread

  16. mas finnesed paren haplusin ang screen ng iPad mini very smooth hahaha

  17. Light and sexy, plus very reliable OS and the best music, apps and movie store in one and the fact this unit will be receiving constant future software updates-reasons the Apple iPad Mini will be on top of the Filipinos’ Christmas gadget listü

  18. lol you do know why this is called a nexus right? it’ll be receiving future updates first directly from google. apple indeed does have the better appstore though

  19. Nexus 7. It has a GPS radio (you can cache google map for on the road use).

  20. Ipad mini for its tons of quality free apps and the smoothness; Nexus 7 for its powerful processor, although konti available apps for its tablets and the screen was suppose to be nice kaso issue (screen flickers in low wifi condition, ultra sensitive auto brightness, line streak flashes while browsing the currents app). For me it would be the Apple Ipad Mini and iOS.

    Pero all in all its all about personal preference pa din.

  21. Been using nexus 7 for several weeks now, good processor and hardware except android. The latest update has a lot of issues unlike iOS.

  22. As already mentioned in the past, best hardware does not necessarily translate into the best user experience, it’s always been the integration of software and hardware that propelled Apple products into setting record sales and very high loyalty rate.

    Only Apple users buy never been reviewed Apple products upon its availability mainly because the trust is already there, that their product will deliver the best user experience.

    Having said that, your actual user review will shed more light among future Nexus 7 buyers…

  23. … here it is in a nutshell…

    The Nexus 7 is for people with brains but little money to spend.
    The iPad Mini is for people with no brains (panay proma lang) but has lots of money to spend.

    THE END!

  24. sir, can you convince me on what tablet to get? a kindle fire hd, nexus 7 or ipad mini? i will use it for merely entertainment purposes.

  25. Hi yuga, regarding what you said about the back of the nexus 7. I believe a “dimpled back cover” would be a more appropriate term than the “pimpled spots” you used.
    Overall though, it’s a good comparison. Most reviewers fail to mention that it’s hard to hold with one hand, because isn’t a smaller tablet that’s easier to use and bring the point of having an ipad “mini”. And not to mention the price which is a huge factor that other reviewers usually fail to mention. Kudos to you.


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