Kupa UltraNote X15: Full HD, Core i7, 8GB RAM, 3.5G

On eof the rare devices we spotted at the Microsoft booth this afternoon was the Kupa UltraNote X15, a 10-inch full HD Windows 8 tablet that’s very similar to the Surface Pro.

What separates the X15 from all the other Windows 8 tablets we’ve seen before is that it comes with an 8GB RAM, even double than most high-end ultrabooks in the market.

It is also souped-up with an Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor.

Kupa X15 specs:
10.1″ full HD LCD display @ 1920×1080 pixels
Intel Core i7 3517U 1.9GHz (Turbo Boost 3.0)
Intel HD Graphics 4000
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
5MP rear camera
1.3MP front-facing camera
USB 3.0 ports
Windows 8 Pro

The X15 also has a built-in fingerprint reader, just in case you are that paranoid about security. For connectivity, there’s a SIM card slot for 3.5G mobile internet.

The tablet has a promised battery life of 7 hours, though we doubt it would be really close to it. The Kupa UltraNote X15 is already available in other countries but comes with a hefty price of $1,599.

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  1. Drakomore

    That processor. O.o

  2. Zander

    “Windows 8 tablet that’s similar to the Surface Pro.”
    This is far from a Surface Pro from a design Standpoint.


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