LG Optimus Pad goes on pre-order w/ Php15k discount

Looks like the LG Optimus Pad is coming to town very soon. LG Philippines is going to open the pre-order site to the public tomorrow. And to sweeten the deal, they’re giving a Php15,000 discount to those who signed up for the pre-order of the Android tablet.

Here’s the screenshot of the pre-order micro-site which should be up soon.

The LG Optimus Pad is the first Android tablet that supports 3D video recording of up to 720p using dual HD cameras at the back panel.

LG Optimus Pad P980
Dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 1.0GHz processor
8.9-inch IPS display @ 1280×768 pixels
32GB internal storage
Two 5MP camera
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
HDMI port
Android 3.0 Honeycomb

We still don’t have the final price of the Optimus Pad but considering they’re offering Php15k off, the SRP I’m sure it’s going to be under Php20k once the discount is applied (I’m thinking Php15k after the discount).

Update: Ok, the banner ad from LG is up on the sidebar and I’m seeing a retail price of Php50k (whoa!), so even if you apply the Php15k discount it ends up at Php35k. Now I have to say that’s really pretty expensive.

Disclosure: LG Philippines is an advertiser on this blog.

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  1. niknok

    ampotangena 50K for this LG tablet????

    35K discounted na

  2. lol LG
    wala na kayong maloloko d2 50k TABLET ? dinaig nyo pa ang mga PC

  3. see i am right in the first post it is indeed 50k. Looks like LG executives will laugh at the poor fellow who would buy this haha.
    Seriously LG is this a joke?
    with that price I could have bought 6 dual core tegra android apad tablet.

  4. Buti na lang! Kasi kung 15k lang sana after the discount,kukuha talaga ako.Yehey nakatipid ako ng 15 thousand pesosesoses!

  5. William T

    Marketing gimmick.

    The price is 35k, they just tack on 15k, then discounted it again.

    It is stated, that it will not be released in the Philippines, so the SRP is bull…, there’s no SRP, just the preorder price. So the discount of 15k is not really discount.

    Amazon list the US version of this at $799, which is roughly, 35k, BUT it’s discounted to $649 now, so even accounting for the discrepancy in custom duties, 35k is fair price not really discounted price.

    Does truth in advertising applies to the web? I think DTI should look into this, they are insulting the intelligence of us – Filipinos. Since this is the second time (the first being the infamous Optimus One promo), I think they should be penalized!

    Jusy when I thought LG was on the mend with those good Optimus 2X/Black promos, they think of this, makes me want to boycott ALL future LG products.

  6. petken

    Eto ang tinatawag na panlilinlang… I like Android pero ang problema ng mga Android Tablets dito sa Pilipinas pataasan ng presyo… Paalala lang sa mga companies, APPLE IPAD2 is SELLING FOR 22500 pesos Cash Price for the 16GB Model… Pricing tablets higher than the price of IPAD2 is a BIG NO NO! meron pang isang contender ang Galaxy Tab 7 na as low as 15000 pesos although nde honeycomb at dual core sa Philippines price point parin ang basehan ng sales…

  7. No way if thats going to cost me 35k.. reviews says its not worth it.

  8. LG Promo Victim

    we will never forget what you did LG, you made thousands of people line up for the optimus one fone and less than 50 got a phone!

    damn you LG! Burn in hell! Fuck you and die!

  9. I remembered something. di ba yung optimus black sabi ang original price daw nya eh. 20K+ tapos may promo 17999 daw yung pala e yun naman talaga ang price nya. booo’s to lg.

  10. Yikes...

    Ang talino naman ng marketing executives nila!
    Ano ba yan?!

  11. Edwin C

    Nag-discount pa kayo ang mahal pa rin. Ginawa na lang sana ninyong P30,000 ang discount.

  12. I have one. Selling it for 27k. It’s a T-Mobile G-slate which is actually the same unit…:-)

  13. I do not know why I even bother thinking about this.

  14. wala sigurong bibili ng 50K priced tablet..

  15. Anonymous

    Someone from their marketing team should be let go. These are just absurd promos! Stop having them as an advertiser, Eugene!

  16. lg executives treat filipino consumers as monkeys. yes for the rise of the planet of the apes

  17. This marketing strategy is a joke. Should I buy a 50K tablet? I’d rather invest my hard earn cash on Apple products. To those who scripted this joke, for shame sir!


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