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March 25, 2015

LG rolls out Android Lollipop for G Pad tablets

LG recently announced that it has started rolling out their Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade for their G Pad series of tablets.

The LG G Pad slates to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop are the following: G Pad 7.0, G Pad 8.0, G Pad 8.3, and G Pad 10.1.

The upgrade is already available will first arrive for the devices in South Korea starting at the end of this month and is expected to arrive in other markets soon.

source: LG

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7 Responses to “LG rolls out Android Lollipop for G Pad tablets”

  1. Ravi says:

    I have the G pad 8.3 and it wont let me update yet, has anybody successfully managed to upgrade yet? I’ve been anxiously waiting for this and cant wait to try it!

    • jake says:

      as for now its only available for south korea maybe few days from now it will be available internationally

  2. jake says:

    ang saya kala ko wla ng update hahaha

  3. Jake says:

    tinranslate ko ung source link ung LG korea then nakita ko na
    “2013 was the last release ‘G Pad 8.3 “upgrade is scheduled in mid-April.”

  4. Abuzalzal says:

    sa wakas, release na yang update!

  5. gaze says:

    try to load the update on stores and ask for any recommendation maybe the update may not e as useful as something that was shipped with Android L. this is just a suggestion not trying to be a wannabe. im curious how many core or device usage it will cover when its integrated on old androids os. before installing the update make sure u have updated ur device with patches that were sent out without versioning. please share more on this light tia

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