Microsoft Surface Pro 2 gets an engine makeover

Just two months after it hit the shelves, Microsoft has quietly revamped the Surface Pro 2’s processor from an Intel Core i5-4200U to a newer (and presumably faster) i5-4300U.

The new processor is a tad better than the previous engine packed inside the 10-inch tablet. The dual-core i5-4300U trumps its sibling for having a higher base frequency both on the CPU (1.6GHz vs 1.9GHz), as well as the GPU (1,000MHz vs 1,100MHz).

surface pro 2 philippines

Microsoft did not share any insights as to why they upgraded of processor on their current flagship slate. Regardless of their reason, we’re just glad that this unannounced engine improvement doesn’t have any effect on the SRP of the Surface Pro 2 which still retails for USD899 for the 64GB model.


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