Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Core i3 and Core i7 go on sale, starts at $799

Microsoft has recently announced that Surface Pro 3 models with 4th Generation Intel Core i3 and i7 processors are now on sale in the U.S. and Canada at Microsoft Stores and partner retailers with a starting price tag of $799.

surface pro 3_1

Below is the new price list and specs of the Surface Pro 3:

Surface Pro 3 Core i3-4020Y
Intel HD 4200 graphics
4GB of RAM

Surface Pro 3 Core i5-4300U
Intel HD 4400 graphics
4GB of RAM

Surface Pro Core 3 i5-4300U
Intel HD 4400 graphics
8GB of RAM

Surface Pro 3 Core i7-4650U
Intel HD 5000 graphics
8GB of RAM

Surface Pro 3 Core i7-4650U
Intel HD 5000 graphics
8GB of RAM

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 features a 12-inch ClearType HD (2160 x 1440) display, comes with a Surface Pen and runs Windows 8.1 OS. Type Covers are sold separately.

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  1. Who in their right mind will buy a $2000 tablet? Casual android games don’t need 512gb storage.
    If you want an all-around tool, you might as well go for an alienware laptop worth $1200.

    • menchie

      Looks like an idiot like you does not know that the Surface Pro is aimed towards people who would like a perfect balance between productivity, performance and portability. Sure, the Alienware laptop you’re touting is cheaper and a hell lot faster than the Surface Pro, but can you use that damn freaking thing while you’re walking? Hell, no!

    • justcurious

      @menchie That’s a lame argument. You’re better off with a smartphone if you’ll only use one while walking. What an idiot.

    • asdgg144

      Ugh, this argument is getting annoying. You need to read more about the Surface. SP3 runs Windows 8.1 and not Android. It’s not a tablet with “tablet” software. It’s a computer with the full Windows OS in tablet form. It can also be in “laptop” form by using the Type Cover.

      SP3’s price is actually reasonable for what you get. Try comparing this to other premium laptops like the Macbook Air and the ultrabooks.

      And since when did Alienware become an all-around tool? Did you mean cheap? I’m sure other brands would give more value for your money.

    • @archie is an idiot. Surface Pro isn’t just a tablet. it is meant to be a hybrid productivity device intended for a niche market who wants the best of both worlds under one device.

      you cannot compare this to an Android tablet or an iPad since those are for the most part a multimedia device rather than a full-fledged productivity device.

      you might want to argue for a laptop but a laptop is still considerably bigger and heavier to be used as a mobile multimedia device

  2. @menchie angry tablet fangirl? If I want productivity, I won’t get a gadget with shitty keyboard that will keep hampering my typing speed. For performance, 8gb ram is overkill for playing casual games, even adobe photoshop can run decently on 4gb memory if you’re not doing heavy 3d simulation. I don’t see myself walking around an area while watching movies or doing presentations, that’s stupid and asking for accident to happen. Laptops are portable, you must be too weak or limp if you have hard time carrying them. You forgot to mention durability, I’d rather go with laptop than tablets that could break in one or two clumsy drops because I’m trying to look savvy while walking and getting busy with an expensive plate.

    • Christian

      Medyo agree nga ako sa sinasabi ni Archie, although nakaka-offend ‘yung phrasing ng una niyang comment.

      In terms of screen size, halos kasinlaki na niya ‘yung smallest-screen laptops. 13.3-inch ang screen size ng laptop ko, compared dito na 12.2. Although overall, mas portable talaga ito, but only by a small margin.

      Tapos ang taas pa ng resolution nito kaya medyo maliit ‘yung text, textboxes, etc. Kapag nanood kayo ng SP 3 gaming reviews sa YouTube, mapapansin niyo na hindi nasasangkop ng ibang games ‘yung buong screen dahil mas mataas ang resolution ng screen kaysa sa kayang i-output ng ibang laro.

      Sa lowest config ng SP3, halos kapresyo na nito ‘yung iPad Air at ‘yung Galaxy Note Pro series ng Samsung na malaki. Eto siguro ‘yung pinakasulit na deal dahil pwede kang gumamit ng desktop version ng MS Office na mas maraming features kaysa sa iPad version ng office. Plus pwede ka pang maglaro ng Windows 8/8.1 apps tulad ng Modern Combat 5 at Asphalt 8 and SSD pa ang storage mo.

      ‘Yung higher config na SP 3’s ang hindi ko na ma-justify (‘yung $1299 at pataas). Tulad ng sabi ni archie, enough na ang 4 GB RAM maski sa Photoshop, considering na may SSD pa ‘yan. ‘Yung laptop ko, mas mura pa sa $1299 version ng SP 3. E ‘yung laptop ko, may 120 GB SSD + 750 GB HDD, i7-4700MQ, at iba pang components na mapapaisip ka kung gaano kalaki ang margin of profit ng MS dito…

      Bukod doon, agree din ako kay Ehye na nagsasabing gumagawa ang MS ng isang niche device, pero ang mag-iisip lang siguro na mag-afford ng middle to highest versions ng SP 3 e ‘yung mga sobrang yaman na. ‘Yung mga kayang mag-ipon ng pambili nito pero di naman ganun kayaman, lilipat na lang sa ibang alternatibong gamit na mas maraming function para masulit ang pera nila (tulad ko na bumili na lang ng gaming laptop kaysa SP 3).

      And final note, check niyong mabuti ‘yung last paragraph ng statement. Hiwalay na binebenta ‘yung Type Cover na nagsisilbi ring keyboard para sa SP 3.

  3. Eh kung namamahalan ka ed di wag mo bilhin! Ha ha ha.. Dahil ako namamahalan at di ako bibili nito. Kung may pera ako for a tablet, i will go for an iPad. If i need a windows device, i will go for lenovo G series.


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