Motorola Xoom to go for $800

One of the more anticipated tablets that came out at CES 2011 was the Motorola Xoom — it was a crowd favorite and will be out on February 24.

The pre-order page on Best Buy indicates the suggested retail price will not be cheap — $799 for the 3G version (and a rumored $599 for the WiFi-only model).

That translates to Php34,600. That doesn’t factor in some import fees and VAT so expect it to be much more expensive when it hits the Philippines (I’d say Php40k).

See more about the Motorola Xoom here.

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  1. Android tablets are more expensive kase mas maraming features ang offer nito kaysa sa ipad. Ipad does not support flash. Wala ding camera na nagrerecord ng Full HD at hindi customizable ang OS dahil masyadong closed ang ecosystem ng Apple. Having said that, I’d still choose a the cheaper iPad kase rich sa apps and swak sa budget. But feature-wise, lamang na laman ang android tablets. OA lang sa mahal.

  2. hinakot na ng apple yung karamihan sa mga materyales na kailangan sa paggawa ng tablets.

  3. agrimensor

    Di ko malunok ang presyo ng tabletang ito.

  4. fr0stbyte

    @21: Merong i5 na ‘tig 35-40K so mas maganda pa. lol

    Back to topic. Niche pa rin ang tablet market.. Or for those who can actually dish out that much money without too much fuss.

    The input’s not that good too. I don’t see myself typing on a touch-screen for more than 15 minutes. Netbook/notebook pa rin ang maiging bilhin for productvity.

    I’m having difficulty choosing a brand for my first tablet.. Xoom’s as heavy as the iPad. Tapos, the Galaxy Tab (and most of their other products) are not assured of future updates for android pero it weighs less compared to the iPad and Xoom.

    Decisions, decisions.

  5. As i see on hands on video on youtube during CES event. The price quite justifies it’s initial price. App developers is apt for this!

  6. sylv3rblade

    unlocked bootloader confirmed. I bet that alone increased the likability of the Xoom if not for Honeycomb and the specs.

  7. BCMKitchens

    what a waste of peso

  8. I have all the tablets but I like I pad

  9. I like iPad the best in all the tablet waiting for ipad2

  10. Just an fyi, all applications in the Android Market are compatible with the Honeycomb OS. It’s a very big advantage over the rotting iOS which makes apps different for the iPad and smaller devices: iPhoney and iPod Touch. Feature-wise, Xoom will easily own the iPad and its predecessor anytime.

    The other guys are right in saying that this is another niche of the market. Buy one if you want one. If you can and want an iDevice, why won’t you want a way better Android device? :D

  11. Michael

    Masyado mahal kumpara sa mga iba

  12. I am selling this Motorola Xoom for only Php 26,000. No joke. Original, mura siya because we are a wholesaler. Contact me if interested.

  13. sir where’s your store located?
    does this tablet have a sim slot and does it work here in the Phils.? because i believed its partnered with Verizons

  14. Edwin C

    Mahal naman nito,o. Gusto ko lang mag-internet, eh.


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