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April 02, 2010

MSI CR420 and CX420 Laptops on Core i3

We got 3 brand new laptops from MSI this week to test out and the first two were 14-inch laptops running on an Intel Core i3 processor — the MSI CR420 and the MSI CX420.

The two are almost twins, only separated at birth with the one having a more powerful discreet graphics card while the other uses the integrated graphics from Intel.

MSI CX420x – i33+
Intel Core i3-330M @ 2.13GHz
14.1″ LCD display @ 1366×768
ATi Mobility Radeon HD5470 1GB DDR3
2GB DDR3 RAM (max 4GB)
Super-Multi DVD+RW
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth (optional)
1.3-megapixel webcam
4-in-1 card reader
D-Sub, HDMI port
3 x USB 2.0 ports
6-cell Li-Ion battery

Intel Core i3-330M @ 2.13GHz
14.1″ LCD display @ 1366×768
Intel HD Graphics
2GB DDR3 RAM (max 4GB)
Super-Multi DVD+RW
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 (optional)
1.3-megapixel webcam
4-in-1 card reader
D-Sub, HDMI port
3 x USB 2.0 ports
6-cell Li-Ion battery

Both laptops come pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium. The CX420 comes with a 1GB DDR3 ATI Radeon HD5470 that should suffice your needs for gaming. That rig has a suggested retail price of Php35,995.

However, if you’re on a budget and don’t want a discreet graphics card but still looking to get a Core i3 laptop, the MSI CR420 is a more affordable option at only Php31,999. That’s about a 4 grand difference just for the Radeon HD5470.

Both units weight in at 2.2 kilograms (4.8lbs) so they’re not really that light to lug around. They’re more of a desktop replacement, IMO.

So far, there 2 models are among the cheapest in the Core i3 category (see our list of Core i3 laptops here) and should pose as a huge challenge to the competitors. More on this when we get the benchmark results for the Core i3 processor.

160 Responses to “MSI CR420 and CX420 Laptops on Core i3”

  1. sexy_tin says:

    sakin okay naman, bday gift sakin yung 7 ultimate nakalagay…mabilis sya kasi di naman ako gumagamit ng games.

    ilang hours ba usually ang battery life ng laptop. itong akin kasi di ko maintindihan, minsan nakalagay 3 hrs…pero kung minsan 2 hours and a half lang…pero so far, i find this unit user-friendly. hindi gaanong mainit sa lap, kahit wala ng cooler pad okay lang.

  2. rollz says:

    Ask ko lng po. new user po ako ng msi cx420 mabilis po ba tlga uminit ung adopter? kc ung akin ang blis po uminit e. hoping for a reply from your experience. tnx

    • HI,
      I also have MSI cx420 and we have the same problem about my unit. I had it fixed last year and then now June 8, 2011, it is starting to slow booting up again. I already formatted it but the problem is still there. I bought my laptop about 9 months ago and I am afraid the warranty will end soon. I will bring this again at Greenhills and I hope they can fix my problem
      I also have a problem about the camera because it is no longer working.
      Can somebody help me out please.

    • Earl says:

      Ako din meron kaya lang di madetect yung external bluetooth device

  3. Rowell says:

    Ask q lng po kung panu nyo iupdate ung graphics card ng cx420 nyo… gz2 na kzng magupdate ng catalyts manager q… d na daw compatible ty po.. nag DL na kz aq sa ATI.. pero not compatible daw… bka me link kau ng tamangiddownload para magupdate ung graphics driver q ty

  4. Lienrock says:

    meron ako MSI CX420 kaso no problem kasi my ginawa ako hahaha, tip ko sainyo, pagkabili nyu ng cx420, upgrade nyu agad ung hardisk nya pra wla na kaung masyado gastosin tutal kaunti lng naman idadagdag nyo kesa bumili kau ng bago right? gudlak =)

  5. inieng says:

    i have just read yang mga comments u guys.Naks katakot naman. ka2bili ko lng kasi 2n msi cx420x na laptop ko. tips nman jan, para alm ko un mga ga2win in case na ma encounter ko un mga na encounter u nah…tnx

    • Dark beat says:

      since nabili mo na, ung pagpaparepair na lang advice ko..
      broken camera kagad wala pa 1 month na purchase ko last year, took weeks bago na repair kc sa store ko dinala.
      flickering screen/broken cable last month took a only a few days kasi sa main service center nila sa ortigas ko dinala.

  6. kai says:

    just dont buy this model. period. kakatakot. waste of money.

  7. Flight says:


    Ung WEBCAM Pang video nga lang, hindi puede for picture taking.
    Ung BLUTOOTH naman display lang sa keyboard. :(

    3 months palang itong MSI ko! Parang gusto ko na palitan!

  8. Rowell says:

    crain talga ung hardisk n2… ingat na lng… sakin kz kakapalit lng nun jan.. auz pa rin nmn xa ngaun..

  9. guncoin says:

    ingat din kayo sa keyboard nyan dahil dali masira sira na yong akin at mahirap hanapin

  10. Mr Blik says:

    yung CR420 ko, nag flicker din yung screen kaya yung ginawa ko, pumunta ko ng service center para ipaayos kasi under warranty pa naman. Naayos naman yun after 30mins,…Tinesting ko pa sya dun sa center, kaso nung naka uwi na ko para gamitin, ibang problem naman yung nangyari,.. black screen na sya, wala nang display monitor ko… Gusto ko narin palitan to,.. Ayoko na bumili ng msi sa susunod

    • Glendamiro says:

      Tol… Ano ba sira… pag ang laptop… Pag open mo na ON lang xia.. pero ung Screen nia wlang display… Black lang.. MSI cr400x ung sakin… Un ung prob ko.. lampas lang 1year… Tipok na agad..

  11. loucci says:

    may problema ba kayo sa webcam?? na dedetect xa pero lumalabas black… check ko sa device manager working fine daw pero black screen padin nakikita ko… And almost 10months na sakin msicx420 nag flicker nadin screen wew

  12. xxx says:

    sakit sa ulo ang computer na yan! never buy that brand. Mura nga, di naman silot

  13. amd_go says:

    MSI unang laptop ko. wala pang 1 year..dead na motherboard. First 2 months, flickering ang problem. Fixed because of warranty. Ngayon, I am eyeing ASUS as my next lappy brand. Learned already my lesson. Ganda nga engineering naman palpaK!

  14. Chad says:

    Hello po.
    CR420 ang model ng Notebook na gamit ko.
    Base sa mga comments mo either hardware concern or firmware concern.
    I have a month old Notebook and going smoothly.
    I bought it directly from MSI showroom in MEGA, CyberZone.
    If ever I have issues, I’ll post it right away so that I can contribute some information about the product.
    If you have concerns that I can answer, feel free to post a message.

    Still grinding my Notebook for issues.

  15. Raymond Abadilla says:

    I’ve had the MSI cx 420 laptop for a year now and I usually have my laptop on for at least 12 hours a day especially when gaming. So far I have not had any problems with its hard disk, my only complaint is that the laptop gets VERY hot VERY quickly, so I suggest you have a cooler ready. If I were to use the cx420 without a cooler it would just power off on its own after 5 hours. I consider myself lucky that my laptop is still working until now. My overall rating for this laptop would be a 7/10. I would not recommend this laptop for Intense Graphical PC games because laptop video cards are nothing compared to PC video cards. Thank you and good day.

  16. Johnnex Alcazar says:

    Im a Cx420 user Unang Problem ko dito ay yung webcam. ung nadedetect pero blackscreen pero napa ayos narin by warranty at pra po sa nag tataka na kung bakit walang bluetooth OPTIONAL po yun. pang 2 na prob ko ehh nag hahang sya for a sec sa mga ibang games minsan at yung may mga problema po sa cooler na umiinit agad Try nyu pabuksan loob bka maraming DUST! so far mag 1yr nato saken :5 days straight Usage:

    HDD1-WorkingTime: 215 days 20 hours

    • luphy73 says:

      i think we have the same situation in our unit… i have been using it like desktop in 1 year, but now i realized, this unit is not for heavy gaming purposes at all when it started to hang for a bit (just like yours) but will return eventually… i also have observed, it is starting to heat up a lot when i am in 3D mode, so i usually use power saving mode when i am not playing or watching DVD’s… so this time, i’ll just use it for school and office works and less gaming. i am just curious about how to clean the inside of this unit, i’m kinda scared opening it… do you have a suggestion?

  17. bigboy marcelino says:

    well ganyan din nangyari sakin….hard disk ang problema,1 month palang sakin bigay na kaagad ang hard disk…hanggang ngayun hinihintay kopang matapos nasa MSI center pa…25 days ng under repair….kakainis lng kc dapat nagagamit kona ng hus2…well ganyan tlga basta sa susunod dina tlga ako bibili ng brnad nato….

  18. Raymond Abadilla says:

    My MSI CX420 now has a flickering screen problem, it flickers constantly until I adjust my LCD to a proper position wherein the flickering will temporarily stop. I’m currently worrying how much I will spend to fix this flickering screen problem.

  19. ken says:

    This laptop sucks. 2x ko n dinala sa service center. Nag oon pero wala display, memory daw ang problem pero eto ncira nnman. Patapos n yung warranty ds nov. Havent even finished paying for this!

  20. luphy73 says:

    so far, lagpas na ng 1 year to unit ko, cx420… medyo ok p naman, nasira nga lng ung webcam, medyo sensitive ata kasi mahina ung housing nya, e nahulog ko pa, wew… payo ko lng, ung CR400 hindi yan pang games, even tong cx420, hindi pang heavy gaming, promise… kaya ung mga problema nyo sa HD, baka dahil sobra pag lalaro nyo… lalo na ung sa mga CR400 users…

  21. myke72 says:

    can anyone help me with my msi cx 420…
    all working xa the only problem is the audio..mahina xa..i tried to install original audio driver since i formated it already..yet the audio is still low…one thing more there’s three driver in the audio device system..anyone?

  22. cramot says:

    bigyan nyo naman ako ng link 2ngkol sa driver ng webcam

  23. RS says:

    Pahingi nmn po ako ng full installer ng cx420 core i3 kahit link lang po

    at medyo nalilito ako sa kasi pag cx420 ang isearch mo core i5 ang lumalabas na proci at hindi core i3 ang proci. pero pag cx420mx core i3..

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