MSI Wind Desktop PC

Not surprisingly, MSI is also joining the nettop market this early. The MSI Wind PC should be out and available very soon. See specs and photos below.

MSI hopes to grab some market share before everybody else comes on board. Or maybe, this is just a response to the Asus Eee Box.

The not so tiny MSI Wind PC sports the new Intel Atom 1.6GHz N270 with 1GB of PQI DDR2 RAM, 160GB HDD and a Lite-On DVD+RW. Monitor not included. Comes with free MSI mouse and a Logitech keyboard. There are 2 USB ports in the front as well as a 3-in-1 card reader.

msi wind pc

The rig is pre-installed with Windows XP Home Edition. MSI doesn’t have local pricing for this yet. I just hope it’s well below the Asus Eee Box, otherwise it won’t make a significant dent in the local desktop market.

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  1. finally!

    i just hope MSI would sell this pre-installed with Linux or UBUNTU.. (so i can install my favorite modded version of Windows XP Media Center harhar)

    and Look!
    a DVD drive. thanks God!

  2. Any idea of the price? Ü

  3. halu fellow ilonggo :) me from bacolod actually… i’ve been a regular visitor here, just quietly reading :) learned a lot from your blog :) keep going :)

  4. Oohhh… this might be my torrent box in the future.

    I just hope that the price different between this one and building your own Atom / torrent box is not that big.

  5. how much nman po yan????


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