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October 09, 2008

MSI Wind U120 gets an SDD and WWLAN

Along with an 8.9″ MSI Wind U91, the Wind U120 will also be coming out this December. Both will get a slightly fresh new look with further options of solid state dive and HSDPA connectivity.

For a price point of under $600, the MSI Wind U120 could be another best seller.

msi wind u120

What’s inside the rig — Php120GB HDD with optional 20GB or 40GB SSD, while the WiFi has been upgraded to 802.11n. An attractive feature will be a 3.5G slot where you can insert a SIM card and get hooked up at HSDPA speeds.

The rest of the features are similar to the older U100 model {via}.

Likewise, based on the photos, it seems like they’ve made a slit between the left and right mouse clicks — a minor usability issue that should have been addressed earlier.

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12 Responses to “MSI Wind U120 gets an SDD and WWLAN”

  1. That included 3.5G is pretty sweet. Too bad I just bought the u100.

  2. herb says:

    Can’t they just roll 1 product per market annually and put “i” & a fruity logo..

    they just sucker punch the early buyers/ adopters each time they announced an upgrade..

  3. says:

    that laptop look very nice but the price is quite higher that the other

  4. Jay says:

    nice try MSI, seems that ur having a hard time re-designing & designing your DULL netbooks.

  5. calvin says:

    out of my budget for a netbook.

  6. John Ray Cabrera says:

    oh yes, they have a hard time designing. their MSI Wind U100 looks like Averatec. oh well, maybe laptop brands are just relying on one manufacturer afterall. I saw one Nec laptop at Columbia(SM Megamall)that utterly looks like MSI, to the point that if you remove each of their logo’s, you wouldn’t notice the difference in appearance and specs.

    do we have any release date for the MSI Wind U120?

  7. louie santiago says:

    hi. i am selling msi u120 for 35,000 pesos only.

    i will be in manila in feb. 7.

    let me know if anyone is interested.

    it has international warranty.

  8. aaisa1 says:

    to louie santiago:

    last price na po ba itong 35K? im interested in this one.

  9. louie santiago says:

    i have a new unit of u120.

    selling now for 31k.

    please email for details.

  10. amsi says:

    please review the msi u123h im planning to buy one but id like to read a review of it first thanks

  11. Jopoy says:

    mga sir, maitanong ko lang, pano ba nagana yang 3.5g sa netbook? kung maglalagay ba ko ng simcard ay yun na yun? may connection na ko agad or kelangan pa ba ng load o plan o kelangan itweak pa yung netbook?

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