New Intel Core i7 2600, Core i5 2400 arrives

During CES 2011 a couple weeks back, Intel announced 29 new processors to come out this year. And while Intel Philippines hasn’t officially announced the entry of these new processors, we’ve already seen a couple fo them now being sold in stores.

A quick visit at PC Express revealed two new Core i-series processors already in stock.

Intel Core i7-2600 (3.4GHz) 8MB 32nm
4 cores, 8 threads
95 watts TDP
Turbo Boost 3.8GHz
Intel HD Graphics (embedded)
Price: Php14,200

Intel Core i5-2400 (3.1GHz) 6MB 32nm
4 cores, 4 threads
95 watts TDP
Turbo Boost 3.4GHz
Intel HD Graphics (embedded)
Price: Php9,200

What’s surprising is that Intel even made the suggested retail prices of the Core i-series a little lower than the previous generations. That plus the fact that the new ones have higher clock speeds and better Turbo Boost performance.

Oh, they’ve changed the logo too. The Core i7-2600 looks sweet.

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  1. Still SB will kill the core i3, i5, i7 S1156…

    the socket 2011 will be for highend systems, surely will cost 50K for the cpu then 20K for the mobo.

    For budgeted gamers the S1155 is really a bargain, especially if your still using the old core 2 duos and quad processors..

    and sadly the S1155 will only see quadcore processors and if you want a cheap 6-core processor you have to go with AMD, unless your willing to buy the S2011


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