PC Hardware Failure

Ok, something went wrong with my PC tonight.

I was trying to add another 256MB RAM stick to the rig and turned it on but it wouldn’t run anymore. I thought I heard some cracking or sparks (when I turned the switch on) somewhere near the neon-lighted CPU fan while the speaker belted out some noise feedback but I thought it was normal when you turn on your PC.

Anyway, I could still turn it on. The lights are on, CPU fan is running and the CD drives are working but there’s no video, the monitor light is blinking green and there are no error beeps/sounds whatsoever. Did I just fried my video card or my CPU? I looked at the digital temp monitor and it registered just above 40 degrees. What could have gone wrong? I have UPS so it’s no power surge or something. And I don’t smell anything funny in the mobo either.

What else could have gone wrong? Dang, not now.

My rig is a two-year old Athlon XP 2400+, 768MB RAM, 160+80GB HDD. I know it’s time to upgrade to an AMD64 or something but not now, not today.

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  1. Abe, try mo muna reseat lahat, use known-good stuff… Possible kasi baka may nasagi ka lang eh. Alisin mo rin yung RAM na dinagdag mo, then try to turn it on again. Kung magwork, possible na yung RAM mo may kasalanan. Compatibility ek ek. It could happen, these things can get weird sometimes.

    Baka naman hindi yan nasunog. Ako kasi I already fried a CPU and a motherboard at the same time (hehe), pero hindi umusok at wala ring sparks. Mali pagkaka-kabit ko ng heatsink nung time na yun. Pero di mo naman ginalaw yun diba? So most likely hindi mo nasunog yung CPU.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to add…

    Athlon 64, the best yan. It’s what I’m using now. Mabilis sya, lalo na since I use it for graphic-intensive stuff. Why not get a new one nalang? ;)

    Seriously though… Baka may maluwag lang dyan, or di lang compatible. Unless may ginalaw power connector?

  3. I got it working again just this afternoon. I un-plugged everything and re-inserted them one by one.


  4. wehehehe may nagalaw ka nga lang :D

  5. you forgot to unplug the power cord didnt you…. :)


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