Pine Trail vs. NVidia ION

We don’t have much performance information about Intel’s new Pine Trail platform but here’s a nice side by side comparison between the Pine Trail’s WIE and the NVidia ION.

It’s not much but it should give us a good idea how the new system performs.

pine trail
MSI Wind U135 with Atom Pine Trail N450 1.66GHz and GMA 3150

nvidia ion
HP Mini 311 with Atom N280 1.66GHz and GeForce 9400M.

Based on the two system’s Windows Experience Index, the CPU subscore is basically just the same. However, the NVidia graphics trumps the Intel GMA 3150 by a fairly large margin. No wonder, Intel recently called the NVidia ION an “over-kill” for netbooks.

What the Pine Trail platform offers would be a smaller form factor and a 20% power efficiency, as claimed by Intel. That could translate into thinner netbooks and longer battery life.

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  1. Will the NVIDIA Ion run against Pine Trail? I was under the impression that the ION is concerned with graphics, hence it should work even with Pine Trail Right? It would be smashing if we get a thinner netbook with longer battery life, while playing mainstream games too.

  2. I think NVIDIA should innovate more now that the Pine Trail is beating the hell out of it.

  3. merry christmas everyone

    from: rj and rj’s mama

  4. The ION 2 is coming and it is compatible with pine trail

  5. And soon Intel would buy Nvidia? :P

  6. Merry Christmas to you all!

  7. Merry Christmas Yuga!

    More gadgets to share and for me to own them..hehe

  8. happy holidays everyone. looking forward to next year and the ion 2

  9. if NVIDIA’s ion is an overkiell then what will they say against AMD-ATI’s own netbook platform hehe

  10. IC DeaDPiPoL

    if this keeps up Nvidia would have to talk with Via especially with AMD’s Fusion (2011)on the horizon

    AMD Fusion is the codename for a future next-generation microprocessor design and the product of the merger between AMD and ATI, combining general processor execution as well as 3D geometry processing and other functions of modern GPUs into a single package[1]. AMD’s merger with ATI closed on October 25, 2006. This technology is expected to debut in the second half of 2011,[2] as a successor of the latest microarchitecture.

    Still prefers ION due to it’s game performance, PureVideo and CUDA.

  11. Hey, I’m a Filipino… I don’t care about gadgets for specific purposes. All I care about is that one gadget that could make the most of everything for the least buck. And I think that when it comes to that aspect, Ion powered netbooks are a lot better than most netbooks that are solely Intel powered .

  12. always hate how you but a netbook but are so limited with what it can do? even on the internet…

    there was a time when intel was not the king of processors and everyone was for amd

  13. Ryan Caesar

    AMD is still king in my book. FYI AMD is only the core of the worlds most fastest supercomputer to date since 2008! Check the and see for yourself.

    Also there have been plans regarding ION 2 + Pine Trail by NVIDIA, but it will be a separate GPU rather than the combined Northbridge/GPU chipset as offered for the current Intel Atom models, and it’s arriving in Q1 2010 (high hopes though).

  14. still, nvidia ion for me… merry christmas everyone!


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