Polaroid re-enters PH market w/ smartphones & tablets

After their success in Europe and America, Polaroid now has its eyes set on our country and, together with RedDot Philippines, have unveiled a slew of competitively-priced Android-powered devices aimed at budget-conscious consumers.

polaroid philippines

Tablets and smartphones aren’t exactly the first products that will come into mind when you see or hear of Polaroid. Heck, you might not even know that they actually manufacture anything other than cameras and photography-related products until only recently when we previewed their latest offering that was displayed in this year’s CES. But times have changed since Polaroid’s hey-day in the camera scene, and they, like other companies, have realized the market potential of mobile computing devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Polaroid’s initial lineup consists of entry-level to mid-tier smart phone and tablets and a few feature phones. Here’s a look at their offerings which includes an overview of the devices’ specs and local price.

polaroid feature phones

polaroid smartphone

polaroid smartphone philippines

polaroid tablet

polaroid tablet philippines

The Polaroid devices mentioned above will be available in the next coming weeks and can be purchased through leading mobile stores, kiosks and dealers nationwide.

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  1. gearbox20

    Polariod product sucks. I bought a polariod for my daughter, she only use it for two weeks and now it’s junk. Their customer service is so poor that it will be a waste of time contacting them.

    Let this be a warning for potential customers. you may reach me on this email for details


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