Modder sets new record for AMD FX-8370, tops at 8722.78MHz

Some two weeks ago, we’ve seen how the Intel Core i7-4770K has been pushed to its limits, setting a new record at 7193.8MHz. Now it’s an AMD processor turn to make the headlines as a Finnish modder named The Stilt has successfully overclocked all of the eight cores of the FX-8370 all the way up to 8722.78MHz.

AMD FX-8370 OC rig

Prior to this incredible rig, the record was held by Andre Yang who has successfully pushed an FX-8150 to 8794MHz. However, it’s good to note that although The Stilt’s record was slightly lower than Yang’s, the previous record-holder only achieved the feat using 2 of the 8 cores of the chipset.

The Stilts, on the other hand, was able to overclock all of the FX-8370’s cores en route to setting a new world record. Below are the components that he used:

ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
4.1GHz AMD FX-8370 processor, up to 4.3GHz
8GB AMD Performance DDR3 RAM, 1866MHz (OC’d to 2218MHz)
ASUS Radeon R9 290X Direct CU II GPU
Liquid Nitrogen cooling


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  1. Nerds are the coolest.

    • Especially when you have money to build and burn in seconds.

  2. Chipsets don’t have cores.


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