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May 31, 2008

Red Fox WizBook laptops

Red Fox and AMD teamed up to develop their own Eee PC competitor and launched the WizBook this week with a much disappointing 400MHz AMD Geode processor. Hate to say the obvious but this is most certainly going to be a bust.

See price and specs below:

redfox wizbook

Processor: AMD LX800 500MHz (10-inch model) and AMD LX700 400MHz (8-inch model)
Operating System: Linux
Screen Size: 8 and 10.2 inch (1024×600, 16:9)
Storage: 20GB and 60GB HDD
Memory: 256MB and 512MB RAM
802.11b/g WiFi
SD/MMC/MS card reader
2 USB port
2200mAh and 2200mAh (3.5 & 4.5 battery hours, respectively)
Under 1.2kg

Price for the two models are Php16,000 and Php20,000 respectively. Tip to RedFox and other future UMPC players — if you want to offer a better product, offer “better” specs.

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41 Responses to “Red Fox WizBook laptops”

  1. Baker says:

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  2. botsok says:

    Hi. I am an asus eeepc laptop user before, i purchased a redfox 10″ wizbook, but was disaapointed bcause of of this product because it cannot detect wifi. dfective pala yung wisbook. so i went to thier customer service. wow.. what a service.. very poor..
    low quality na yung product, poor customer service pa.. it took months para mabigyan ako ng feedback about my laptop.. wastebook is a waste of money.

  3. atlon says:

    where can i find the driver of wizbook 1020i? please help.

  4. mike says:

    i have installed xp in my friend’s redfox800LX and it works very well. its even faster to boot than the pre-installed linux os.

  5. mhel says:

    yes its true that the wizbook laptop is a waste book and waste of money. Poor porduct as well as poor customer service!!!

  6. yra says:

    i lost my that i have to reformat my notebook, everything was back to zero. now i need a speaker driver for my redfox wizbook 1020i, so that i can use skype again.pls help me.

  7. meg beitia says:

    may i know where i can buy the charger adapter of red fox 12v-3a?

    im just using universal charger, im not satisfied. please let me know asap.


  8. nimo23
    Twitter: ben_baygas

    Sir Abe RedFox Wizbook 890i could run on windows 7 or XP as far as I know…


  9. Shit Ass says:

    Shit where the hell is Red Fox made from? is it made from China??? where? please answer the hell shit

  10. adora faustino says:

    ndi mganda ang audio nyo,nakakapang hinayang at redfox na wizbook binili ko..ung 1st unit na binli ko eh pinalitan ang unit at ayaw gumana ng mic.but etong bgo unit na pinalit eh gumagana nga kso mhirapan p dn sa mic sobra hina ndi madinig ng kausap mo..sayang not happy..

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