Samsung 840 EVO SSD 1TB for Php28K

The highest storage capacity of Samsung’s EVO solid state drive (SSD) at 1TB has landed in Philippine retail store.

When the Samsung EVO 840 SSD landed on our shores last December 2013, it only came with 120GB and 240GB capacities. Now, computer retail giant Villman listed the 1TB version of the said powerful and popular SSD.

The Samsung EVO SSD 1TB currently retails for Php 28,000 through Villman’s website. If you are planning to upgrade your hard drives, you may check out the listing here.

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  1. As usual… Oooooooooooooverpriced!!!

    • It is not overpriced for people who see its practical use. If you’re working with heavy 3D rendering designs/hardcore gamer and you need a top notch read-write speed and durable storage system for your programs that could last for years without replacing them because of mechanical errors, SSDs are the answer.

      You see people buying 40k+ iPhones but all they do is surfing the web and playing casual games, now that’s overpriced.

    • shutter

      What do you expect? If it comes from SAMSUNG it’s OVERPRICED.

  2. presyong laptop a.dalawa lng nito mkaka macbook air ka na.

    • shutter

      What do you expect? If it comes from SAMSUNG it’s OVERPRICED.

  3. that there folks, is progress.. If you were lucky enough to buy a 17GB Maxtor DiamondMax for P8,000 in 1999, at horrific spindle speeds and storage capacity, this one is a gargantuan leap in space and performance..

    1999 = 17GB + slow UDMA 66 = P8,000
    2014 = 1000GB + Breakneck Speed = P28,000

    nuff said.. if you have it, get it.. if not, drool baby yeah..

    • yup, it’s just progress.

      I can still remember the 2GB flashdrive my friend bought for 7k more or less a decade ago, but now 2GB micro SDs are free with low end phones LOL

      give it a decade and 1TB micro SDs (or whatever the storage tech would be) will also be free with “low end” phones/smart watches/smart glass (again, whatever that tech might be)

    • @Mon maybe not just in a decade, I think just months or years. PCI slot SSDs are already out and proven to be faster than sata SSDs. OCZ already made a 1TB enterprise PCI SSD years ago and Intel has begun manufacturing its 2TB enterprise PCI SSD. Months from now, some company will be releasing a 2TB sata SSD, so it will be a good progress for GB vs. price on SSDs.

  4. Antagal kong hinintay dumating ito sa Pinas. Muntik pa akong mapabilli sa newegg noon. Ilang buwan pa at bababa na ang presyo nito Dahil sa 2TB ng Intel SSDs.

  5. boyBayaw

    balang araw bababa din ang presyo nito. hehehe


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