Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 lands, officially priced

We reported earlier this week that we spotted Samsung’s two new Galaxy Tabs, both the 7-inch and the 10-inch versions. Looks like Samsung Mobile Philippines has confirmed the arrival of the Galaxy Tab 2 series yesterday.

Three variants are now being sold in stores — one WiFi-only model and two with 3G and WiFi.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ WiFi – Php12,990 {details here}

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0″ 3G – Php16,990 {details here}

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.0″ 3G – Php22,990 {details here}

The retail prices looked very affordable, right?

This will definitely bring down the prices of the original Galaxy Tab 8.9, 10.1 and the Tab 7.0 Plus.

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  1. chinitoguy

    Wow! Those new tablets are really affordable! Hmmm…

  2. Roberto Lim

    Yup, the retail prices look very good.

  3. raffy

    Sana either Globe or Smart would offer the Tab 2 7″ Wifi sa plans nila tapos it comes with a mobile wifi device. Tapos Plan 999 with minimal cash out. Or better naka spread yung cost ng device for 12mos.

  4. tarush

    Yep, if you’re more on browsing the net only, these tablets will do…

  5. Jazon

    i wonder if the wifi only 7″ tab can be connected to a projector. if yes then i’ll have to buy that instead of a netbook.

  6. i was thinking of getting the 7.0 plus earlier..
    but its internet browser doesn’t support HTML5?

    only the tab2 supports it?
    please correct me if i’m wrong..

    • CarloXy

      just download a different browser from the android market like opera or chrome.i think that will solve your problem :D

  7. Un 3g version ba can make calls and send txt msg? Ibenta ko na c note at palitan ko na he he…

    • NeutralGuy

      Lol, selling your Gnote and getting a Gtab 2 7.0 is like selling your house to get a hut. If i were you, stick with your note. Its size is perfect. A phablet. Gtab 2 7.0 will make you weirder than you used to be(with Gnote) while calling someone using it.(assuming you’re not using a headset. Lol)

    • Un nga lang..assuming that I am not an assuming guy?..he he…

  8. Edsar Bondoc

    Kung nasa 10k-11k sana wifi only model. wait mode nalang sa nexus 7

  9. NeutralGuy

    I was surprised with the price. It’s a bit lower than i expected. I thought it would be around 16k given the fact that Gtab 7.0 plus sells around 17-19k. 13k for a tablet is the best you can have for a quality tab.

  10. Wah. Kakabili ko lng ng tab7plus 2 months ago.. shouldve waited for this.. But nevertheless i am happy with my samsung tab :-)

  11. dyonisii

    gtab 7.7 still remains samsung’s top of the line.

    but anyone can disagree. :-)

  12. Bensy

    10in is 3g model in the picture. Not wifi only.

  13. Antay ko nlng nga un irerelease ng acer..un a110 b un?

  14. already bought the 7.0 3G version a few days ago. :-)

  15. Iyan Sommerset

    Whoawhoawhoa…a Samsung Galaxy Tab for 13k?!? Yeah, baby!!! To think I was about to get the Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 for the same price…oh yeah!

  16. Do they have micro SD slots? I want a 7-inch tablet. I’ll wait for Nexus 7 before deciding. :)

    • Iyan Sommerset

      Good question. Forgot about the slot. That expandability alone will change a lot of purchase decisions.

    • the galaxy tabs have microSD slots. the nexus 7 doesn’t.. unfortunately…

  17. tab210.1owner

    Just bought the tab 2 10.1 and 7.0 for my wife at abenson, it’s only at 20k plus cash (comparable to online sites), they even have a buy now pay 4 months after scheme for credit card holders. And they’re offering the 8.9 at just 15k cash! Got a free stand fan too for using a certain credit card…

  18. wreek888

    Good thing comes to those who wait! Wait na lang nexus 7.

  19. justberry

    just purchase tab 10.1 yesterday at 22k only with wifi+3g here in SM san lazaro. Theres only one store there that has it and even the samsung store havent had one yet!cRazy! It has microSD and sim slot. Cant believe it only cost that much for a 16gb. ^^

  20. william ordonia

    what model of samsung galaxy tab 2 is this? P3100 or P6200? i went to samsung store and they said that P6200 is 19,990 WHILE p3100 is at 16990. P3100 is the OLD galaxy tab with 3G and not the tab2!get your facts straight!

  21. william ordonia

    what model of samsung galaxy tab 2 is this? P3100 or P6200? i went to samsung store and they said that P6200 is 19,990 WHILE p3100 is at 16990. P3100 is the OLD galaxy tab with 3G and not the tab2!get your facts straight yugatech puro ka kasi x-deal lagi sa mga companies kaya mali mali na ang mga blog mo.!

  22. Reginold

    Hello Guys! I really wanted to have the Tab P3100, but I can’t find it here in Bohol. Samsung Store in Bohol Quality Mall has only the old GTabs. Could I find them in Cebu? Do Tab2 supports Video Call in Skype or YM ?

  23. kala ko ba SRP ng Samsung Galaxy Tab2 3G ay P16,990? at may offer pa yung mga stores na 12 months at absolutely 0%??? Hello??!! almost 2k kaya ang INTEREST pag 12 months to pay!!!

  24. got my Tab 2 7.0″ 3G (16GB) for Php16,500
    with free tablet cover. weeeeeeeee.. ♥


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