Sony sells PC business; to focus on smartphones, tablets

Sony has officially announced that it is selling its VAIO PC business and will concentrate instead on smartphones, tablets, and high-end TVs.


Sony Corporation has made an official announcement that it will sell its PC business currently operated under the VAIO brand to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. (JIP). One of the company’s reasons for selling is the “drastic changes in the global PC industry” which has affected its profitability.

After the transfer, Sony will cease planning, design and developing of PC products. The company will also discontinue manufacturing and sales after the global launch of its Spring 2014 lineup.

What’s next?

According to Sony, the company’s next step is to concentrate its mobile business on smartphones and tablets. In addition, Sony will also reform its TV business and focus on high-end models especially in the 4K area where it has secured more than 75% market share in Japan. The company will also bolster 2K models with wide color range and image-enhancing technologies.

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  1. OA kasi sa pagka overpriced

  2. They just priced themselves out of the market.

  3. Sony will always be my favorite tech company because of their innovation and creativity, especially in the 90’s. If selling the pc business to get the company back to profitability, then so be it. I hope they spend more on r&d in their mobile business and give samsung and apple a run on their money. The xperia line is promising. I hope to get the next highend xperia this year, in support of my beloved sony.

  4. Nintendo will buy sony soon

  5. Nooooo!!!

  6. F%^&^&Cking chinese did these to them! don’t patronize chinese products!

  7. abuzalzal

    Perhaps nobody cares for overpriced laptops that aren’t even ”premium-looking”

    At least Apple makes it up thru their meticulous design and build quality.

    No wonder they have failed

    • GTX670SLI

      I had a few ASUS premium and gaming laptops(Especially my beloved G74SX with it’s lovely design), and Two MacBook Pros along with a few ACER laptops and a couple of VAIOs.

      While the VAIOs indeed had better quality than the Aspire Acers, it was far, far below ASUS and Apple. I have had experience with a few Toshibas and Alienwares too. I really cannot say that VAIO is a premium brand.

  8. SunCell Subscriber

    Nakiki-presyo kasi sa MacBooks eh

  9. I’ve always loved Sony. And I think they are in the right direction when it comes to this decision. In other news, I’m really glad that PS4 is doing really well so far. Although I still don’t have one. :) Go Sony!

  10. Predictable. PC/Laptop sales has been declining every year – though tablets may not fully take over laptop capabilities (except maybe surface) – going with this direction is a smart move from Sony assuming that their losing money from unsold inventory.

  11. Maybe Sony is at its best in other hardware products other than its PC division. Smart move. I love sony-made products! :)

  12. Sobrang premium ang presyo. Dalawang lenovo ang isa vaio. hehe

    • Sabi ng kaibigan ko, “Di ba sa toyota yan?” Hahahaha

      Vios != Vaio;

  13. glassjaw

    wrong move…

  14. anOnymous

    no takers

  15. Do you remember when IBM sold their computer division to LENOVO? They have to act on their financial statements else more losses.

  16. angelo rodelas

    good day.

    hingi lang sana ako ng help. i have sonyvaio e series and 2 years ko na xang gamit until its motherboard short-circuited, burned and wave its last farewell to me :'(.

    sir and maam and to the admin, if you have someone out there na merob alam makukuhanan ng spare board for sony, new or second hand, please do let me know. ingat na ingat ako sa laptop ko and i dont know what really happened. sana po may makatulong.

    thanks in advance and hoping to received any reply. please email me @ amrodelas@gmail(.)com

  17. Who gives a shit about Sony? Bring back Philips!


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