Spotted: Asus Transformer 3G

If these photos of an Asus Transformer 3G is any indication, we might be seeing the 3G variant by next month. We spotted a unit being tested with a Sun SIM card earlier today.

I bought an Asus Transformer with the dock last week not knowing there will be a 3G variant so I was surprised to see one today.

The 3G SIM slot is located on the left side of the tablet, just below the power button and volume rocker. The cradle pops out by pushing into a small pinhole (same as the iPhone).

The only issue now that they’re trying to figure out is a native SMS app which is essential when you load the prepaid SIM or subscribe to a data plan.

They did not suggest any price point for the 3G variant but I guess it will be a couple thousands more than the WiFi-only model.

Disclosure: I bought the Asus Transformer straight from Asus Philippines where they offered dock for free as a special media pre-order discount.

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  1. the Northmanne

    Wish I can buy this one b4 Christmas.

  2. Even on the WiFi only edition, the manual shows a 3G slot just below the volume rocker.

  3. How much kaya ito? Ito talaga ang gusto ko na tablet than the rest.

  4. just bought one in singapore… laki ng minura dun lalo na pag sale…
    pero parang masmabilis ang galaxy s II

    • how much po ang Transformer 3G sa SG?

    • 5 days ago lang nilabas d2 sa riyadh OCTOBER 3, 2011 saudi arabia ang asus transformer 3g wifi. Nabili ko sya worth 2,999sr or in pesos equivalent 34,500 pesos. Worth it syang gamitin.

  5. Nice galing talaga ASUS na talaga bibilihin ko this year. :D

    Next Gadget to buy ASUS Padfone :D

  6. ayos to ah. may 3G version na pala.

  7. cute_drew
    Twitter: cowboy_bebop

    wow! buti na lang I waited.. meron ng 3G! pero hopfully 4G yan (HSPA+) like the video below:

  8. techie_kuno

    envious of these gadgets, hope I could have one!!

  9. coolbuster
    Twitter: coolbuster

    planning to buy the wifi only as self gift on xmas..

  10. *drools*

    @__@ I also want this for Christmas. Haha.

  11. alain
    Twitter: kurogami207176

    this gadget is worth it. :)

  12. Hi can I ask where did you buy that item? I’m really eager to have that wifi + 3g :( pls let me know thnx…

  13. I bought asus transformer 3g wifi here in saudi arabiariyadhvery cool gadget


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