Transformer TF101 finally gets Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday morning, I was finally able to upgrade my Asus Transformer TF101 to the latest Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. We checked out what’s new with ICS and compare it with the old Honeycomb 3.2.

Since I also have the new Transformer Prime TF201, it’s easy to compare the Transformer TF101 in terms of what ICS offers the two tablets from Asus.

After several minutes of downloading the update directly into the tablet and the system rebooted, I actually did not notice anything in terms of the interface. In fact, unless you go to the settings and look at the profile of the tablet, you would not really notice any difference (well, there’s some subtle changes there if you just look really closely).

What I actually liked with the ICS on the Transformer Prime is that the Status bar shows the battery life of the keyboard dock and the tablet separately. It even animates the icon when you plug the Prime to the power outlet showing that the dock is charging and transfers the same to the tablet at the same time.

As for performance, I didn’t also notice anything significant. I ran a few benchmarks and the results are almost the same.

Has anyone done the update to ICS on their Transformer TF101? Noticed anything new or totally different?

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  1. asian persuasion

    TF101 user here. Things that I notice is that the interface is faster, the gallery broswer faster too and has better lay out.

    The bad is my opera browser does not support flash anymore! I hate that part so much I wish I didn’t upgrade!

  2. You don’t measure performance by running a benchmark app.

    I’m a TF101 user too and performance improved greatly. Faster, smoother and more responsive UI.
    The launcher now flies. nung nasa honeycomb pa kasi lag at mabagal yung appdrawer at saka yung homescreen, ngayun laki ng binilis…

    browser is now more responsive too. Nwala na ang input lag

    may mga shortcuts na sa notification area kaya mas mabilis na ma activate ang GPS, bluetooth, automatic sync etc.

    Now you can swipe sa multitasking/app manager to kill an app.

    Gallery app loads faster na rin.

    Less cluttered na ang homescreen ko kasi I can now make folders sa homescreen just by dragging an app icon on top of another (ala iOS)

    It’s easier to

  3. siguro kaya wala ka masyadong na notice na performance difference dahil konti na lang ang applications na nakainstall sa TF101 nyo sir Yuga.

    yung sa akin kasi almost 200 apps installed :D, kaya nung nasa honeycomb pa yung akin sobrang bagal. Ngayun smooth na :D

    Made me wonder why Google released an unfinished product=honeycomb. They’ve waited for ICS na lang.

  4. Jerome San Juan

    may wifi issues ba ung prime?

  5. Na-try mo nang upgrade / reinstall yung Adobe Flash?

  6. asian persuasion

    Oooops, yes, ok na pala yung Opera flash ko, dapat lang pala upgrade ko din Opera ko and flash and then reboot. I love Asus! The best ang ICS.

  7. evergreen

    Why cant i update my firmware? Nothing is appearing on check updates on the settings…

  8. I have purchased a new transformer TF101,with os honeycomb.I am unable to upgrade newer version ie Ice cream sandwich.Please tell me an advice

  9. Hi guys,

    I’m torn between this and the Lenovo S10-3t. I’ll be selling my laptop since my mom will not understand why I have to use 2 computers.

    I love downloading torrents, so I need to ensure the OS will support such.

    Can anyone give me a helpful advice?

    Many thanks beforehand.



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