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October 27, 2006

Yahoo Messenger virus on the loose!

I’ve been noticing that a lot of people on my YM list are sending me random messages with links to some sites. I’ve had this before and that time it was coming from my end so now I know people are just infected by a new worm somehow.

I also got this form one of my contacts:

PLS BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY! A virus is on a rampage in Messengers. The virus name is WORM_SOHAND.I. It shows itself as an innocent IM with a link to a site and tells you it is about cool pictures. Whne the link is clicked, it takes control of your registry, changes your browsers homepage and disables you to change the homepage! after clicked it also sends itself to everyone in your messenger list. So if you recieve it, please remeber DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! just close the window or read the other offline messages. Warning: it may come from your closest friends to! PLEASE, PASS IT ON TO ALL

Anybody else experiencing this lately? I did a search and it’s not yet showing up anywhere but definitely it’s a virus/worm.

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53 Responses to “Yahoo Messenger virus on the loose!”

  1. jervin domingo says:

    how do i remove this kind of virus… my friend tells me i send this kind of message:

    ình di?n xi?c “r?n tóc gáy”

    but on my end i am not sending any..

    please email me @

    i would really appreciate if you can email me on how to delete this.. thanks

  2. michale guevarra says:

    please help me on how can i reamove this AVIFUNNY UST SCANDAL to my pc. someone send me offline meessage but i didnt accept it coz im not sure what it is. but it already enter my pc how many times i delete it. but it still there i cant open now my RUN and system32.please if anyone can help me on how to remove it please reply…

  3. michale guevarra says:

    please help me on how can i remove this AVI UST FUNNY SCANDAL. coz i’m afraid to open my yahoo messager now. coz i dont want any of my friends got this too. please email me herse my email add help me please

  4. Rain says:

    that kind of virus was infected my pc (twice!!).. Solution: Restore my pc to the time when it is in good condition.. and after that, I scanned my registry using registry mechanic program. Just as simple as that.. if you have any comments about this, please email me @

  5. oobi says:

    I found this pdf file that analyzed the malware:

    Regarding the AVIFunny file. This is also detected by AVG but is not healed by AVG. I was able to manually delete the malware files of a friend, but with difficulty. It has a self regenerating mechanism also as follows: registry autoloads (see above list and use edit find command in the regedit to be sure such registry entries are not stored anywhere else). It also put sporious lsas.exe and smss.exe files, in the windows directory (there are legitimate files of these names used by windows – under windows task manager, the legit files will shutdown windows if the process is stopped). Infected file in WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc was also found. It created files in the windows/prefetch folder (some of these entries initially refused to be deleted (You may try to open it with notepad and if prompted that no such file exist, create one with the same name of your own just to be sure). malware files are also found in all other partition or separate hard disk. Search and delete carefully the malware files and cure registry settings while modem is unplugged and in safe mode. Run AVG again after (still unplugged to the internet, if still detected, repeat the process again).

  6. michale guevarra says:


  7. jake says:

    patulong nga….!!! ayaw kasing mawala ung scandal sa ym ko ito pala email thanks…!!!

  8. michale guevarra says:

    hello po ulet just wanna share how i remove the AVI funny ust scandal on my pc. i just download the AVAST anti virus it realy working hard. so now i can used my pm in good condition again… i got the AVAST on this site

  9. Farah L. says:

    The other day I clicked on a file transfer that I thought was sent by my chatmate but I was wrong; the file is skyflake. What I did was download & save it to my desktop then run my anti virus on said file before I opened it. I just want to know if this is a virus coz last night I emailed some pics but I was told there’s one in those I sent that can’t be opened because something was attached to it that my chatmate’s anti virus won’t open. If this is a virus, did it already start to spread by attaching something to my attachments? Please, if anybody could tell me if this is the latest virus that plugs ym & suggest how to get rid of it, although I deleted the file already, would be most appreciated. TY.

  10. jason says:

    me i have also ym viruses tagalog version i cannot do want is the right , or how to remove that its that ” funny scandal” its my enemy virus of all?
    plz contact me at my ym at ” jasonblue2008″ plz help me how i can removre this

  11. What’s that YM virus tagalog version. My girlfriend actually got that virus also. Is there any way to get rid of it?

  12. Joven says:

    Help naman po I have the same AVI.Funny scandal virus. It is malfunctioning may Excel and printers.

  13. Joven says:

    here is my email add nga pala

  14. Joven says:

    My computer is OK now. Download avast home edition and everything will be taken care of.

  15. charles says:

    help po! un virus na AVI UST SCANDAL! badtrip una sa pc ko lng tpos un open ko laptop ko nagkaroon nadin ng gnun virus!!! help po nmn pano irecover to! email me at i really need to know how to recover this virus thanks!

  16. Nearly all AIM’s are vulnerable because millions of people use then and few care about security. Programmers also concentrated more on design features than on security.

  17. david says:

    pa help nmn…my virus YM q peo hndi xa tgalog prang indonesian e, se2nd 2 ol xa ng link…
    n de2tect nmn xa ng UST scandal remover q, peo pg bukas mu ul8 aun nndun nnmn…

  18. pandu says:

    s even i’m facing the same problem

  19. Nararanasan din ang nararanasan nyo says:

    naranasan ko rin yan…. ngayon lang
    sabi nila dlt mo muna yahoo folder mo then dload mo ulit…

  20. Rei says:

    omg i have same issue too, mine is:

    i have problems with my YM coz i keeps sending languages* ang a link that i coudnt understand to my friendslist, and my friend sez that it was a virus then they recommend online scan. but when i visit “, the page cannot be displayed. can someone help me.

  21. curly says:

    i have a problem if i log in on my YM it makes may laptop froze i dont know what happen pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. jessnoe says:

    Good day to You..
    My computer is having a problem. It was started when i downloaded a file yesterday..
    Occassionaly when i try to open the mozilla firefox and the other icon on the windows.

    the result was this
    At night when i turn to open my computer this was the result

    =<Java Virtual machine launcher-Invalid or corrupt jarfile C:\Progaram files\ahead\lib\NMBg monitor.exe

    =<Java virtual machine launcher-Invalid or currupt C:\windows\systems32\ctfmon.exe

    =<Java virtual machine launcher-Invalid or currupt C:\yahoo.\Messenger\yahoo messenger.exe

    =<Java virtual machine launcher-Invalid or currupt C:\program files\USB Disk Security\USB Guard exe.

    =<Java virtual machine launcher-Invalid or currupt C:Program\ALWILS-I\Avast4\ash Disp.exe.

    =<Java virtual machine launcher-Invalid or currupt C:\program files\ Messenger\msmsgs.exe.

    As i understand about it,all the program and the system was corrupted.

    What does it mean?Thus it a virus?What should i do to get it back?Is there any solution aside for repormatting my computer?

    Please send me a reply……

    -When god make you-

  23. rin says:

    thanks,gen orino….ur info really work to remove the virus =)

  24. chad says:

    .hey a problem here..@topic- i clicked and downloaded the link..stupid me i my laptop doesnt start..its stuck on windows boot manager..what shall i do? gettin paranoid..please do

  25. Aya says:

    How can I eliminate the virus, some of my friends notified me that I keep on giving them weird messages which I not aware of. Is it my YM app on CP or the account itself? I have tried deleting today my FB and YM account on my CP since both were linked.

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