Aptina outs sensor that offers 120fps video recording

An imaging company that goes by the name Aptina has recently announced two new promising CMOS sensors that could possibly be the next big technology to hit 2013 smartphones and tablets.

The ARO835 and ARO835HS are the new addition to Aptina’s sensor portfolio. These 8MP backside illuminated CMOS sensors are capable of recording high definition videos at a frame rate that’s two times faster than today’s standards. Drop the video’s quality by a notch (720p) and the HDR-enabled sensor will provide you an ultra-fast 120 frames per second rate.


In addition, the sensor allows user to capture 6MP photos with zero shutter lag while recording a video clip. This imaging technology is similar to the one found on the HTC One X.

Though it wasn’t mentioned during the announcement, Aptina assures that their two new sensors will be priced competitively, allowing manufacturers to easily integrate their latest creation with their upcoming smartphone/camera offering.

Aptina is slated to start manufacturing the ARO835HS during the first quarter of 2013 while its counterpart, which is destined for smartphone use, is already on the mass-production phase. The latter hints that we may not have to wait that long in order for us to get our hands on a phone imbued with this promising piece of imaging technology.


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  1. According to the source it’s just 60fps.


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