Canon Powershot N is a tiny pocket camera

And when we say tiny, we mean GoPro-like compact camera. Canon’s Powershot N camera is meant to be carried in your pocket just for when you need to shoot a photo or video in a jiffy.

This small pocket-sized camera has a tilt-able 2.8-inch LCD display, a 12-megapixel sensor, optical zoom of up to 8x and stores images/videos in a 32GB microSD card.

There’s also WiFi connectivity so you can pair the Powershot N with an Android or iOS smartphone so you can wirelessly stream videos and photos straight from the camera. Will retail for $299 when it comes out.

The Powershot N could be something in the alley of the GoPro (plus a dozen accessories and attachments) which has been very popular among outdoor and sporty folks.

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  1. Reminds me of my HD Car Video recorder.

  2. sounds expensive but we’ll see once it arrived in PH

  3. anOnymous

    parang pamboso ito


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