Elixxier outs set.a.light 3D Studio

Elixxier, Germany-based software company, has released a photography software called set.a.light 3D Studio that simulates a real-world studio condition to aid photographers in prepping their lighting set up.

Any professional portrait photographer would tell you that most of the handiwork to create a great portraiture involve an in-depth knowledge in lighting and how different equipment are required to achieve the desired outcome.


This is why Elixxier developed a tool that would simulate a studio shoot including a plethora of lighting equipment, a highly-customizable virtual camera complete with real-life settings that can be altered to meet a specific need and a stand-in virtual model. When you’re happy with your arrangement and settings, the software can also give you a preview of the resulting image you’d get using your setup.

The Elixxier set.a.light 3D Studio retails for USD184 or more than 7 grand in our local currency. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but considering the things that this software brings to the table, we think that it’ll be a good investment particularly to those who are still learning the ropes of Portrait photography.

For more information about this software, you can check out Elixxier’s website. The site is in German, so we suggest using a translation tool like Google Translate.


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  1. thanks for sharing this information! by the way, there’s a british website aside from the german version :-)


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