Error 01 on a Canon Lens

Last week-end, while using my year-old Canon 40D, I encountered several Error 01 and the screen displays “Communications between the camera and the screen is faulty. Clean the lens contacts.”

I thought my camera got broken and I remembered last week the camera bag dropped after going thru the airport X-Ray scanner in Singapore. I switched lenses from the default Canon EF 17-88mm to the wide angle EF-S 10-22mm and it worked flawlessly so it must be in the lens.

canon lens 17-85mm
I Googled about it and found tons of similar problems:

  • Battery problems — needs to add battery grip as IS uses more power to operate. This doesn’t make sense since the 17-85mm has IS but have been using it for more than a year. I was also using a battery grip with two fully-charged original batteries in it.
  • Lens contacts need cleaning. Took a pencil eraser and cleaned the contacts in the lens (the gold-plated part inside) to no avail. I did the same with camera body. Both contacts look like they’re in pristine condition with no hints of oxidation or whatever.
  • IS motor problem. Tried turning off IS and set the lens to manual and still the same. Then, I discovered that when the lens is half to fully extended, it works fine but when set at about 17mm to 35mm, the problem occurs.
  • Loose screws. Check the entire lens and all the tiny screws in it but everything is intact.

I’ve exhausted all possible solutions and quick fixes so all I can do now is send it to Canon’s Service Center. This is on top of that Speedlite EX430 flash I had sent for repairs 3 weeks ago (chipped shoe mount).

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  1. I know! I just can’t get it fixed!
    so sad right now :(

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