Hasselblad intros Limited Edition Lunar, costs £7,200!

Hasselblad, a company known for its medium-format cameras and pimped-out compact cameras, has recently announced a Limited Edition Lunar which sports a paintjob that matches Tony Stark’s armor. Oh and just for the record, it costs more than half-a-million pesos.

Hasselblad Lunar

For the uninitiated, Hasselblad is similar to Vertu in a sense that they also use premium materials in crafting their cameras. In the case of the Lunar, its body is made of lightweight Titanium with “sumptuous Red Tuscan leather grip” and a gold-plated top panel that complements the overall Iron Man Chinese New Year motif.

But underneath those fancy materials, the Hasselblad Lunar is basically a externally modified (and overpriced) version the Sony NEX-7. As such, it has the same 24.3MP APS-C sensor, 2.4M-dot EVF and accepts all E-mount lenses that Sony has to offer.


There are only 200 units of this Limited Edition Hasselblad Lunar and it’s expected to hit the shelves starting on the January 31. If only it had “Jarvis” built-in to it, we think that its ridiculous price tag would’ve been more justifiable.

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