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August 22, 2005

Say Alonzo on Pinoy Big Brother

Last night while visiting a friend, I was surprised to hear the name “Say” as one of the housemates on Pinoy Big Brother. It immediately caught my attention and my eyes were glued to the TV for the next 8 to 10 minutes. I wasn’t really interested in Pinoy Big Brothers (PBB) even with much of the hype and buzz going around. (I seldom watch TV, much more local channels.)

But Say (or Sheryll Ann Alonzo Yutadco?) is there and that got me interested to the show. She’s one of the (former) gals in the office. One of the prettier ones, dresses very well, always smiling, very friendly (kikay) and “ma-chikka”. She’d always brag that she’s the most popular person amongst our officemates.

Sheryll Ann Alonzo Yutadco

More pictures in the photo gallery.
This entry is my small contribution to her and I hope people who might stumble on this site looking for more pictures or info about her might be persuaded to help get her into the finals of PinoyBigBrother. ;)

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966 Responses to “Say Alonzo on Pinoy Big Brother”

  1. cestrella says:

    suppremo ok lang po sana magcomment kayo pero huwag nalang po sana magmura… it shows how you were brought up! from the gutter!

  2. virgie soliman says:

    H! say
    ang ganda2 mo nd u so cute lalo n personal..
    u knw nung nakita kita sa personal s expo clark
    I can tel n tlg maganda u at sexy! ky idol tlg kita.
    nainis lng me syo nung pin2ln mo cjb i hte him…
    gus2 ko pr syo csam kc bgy n bgy tlg kyo2 llo n nung
    ng duet kyo 2 s magmahal muli ang gnda2 ng song n un
    i felt inlove bcoz of that song mgmahal muli. kilig me
    sobra! PBB is D bEsT wl mkkpnty…. NO.1 CHANNEL 2
    D bESt f0R eVer!


  3. virgie soliman says:

    s mga new PBB season2..
    gus2 ko c ZEKE,c MIKEY,c ROBERT nd cBODIE
    ang gu guapo nila Wh0lE sme n Wh0lE ang dting!
    and ofcourse s mga girls din gus2 ko c GEE-ANN,
    c saicy nd wendy ang pretty at ang csexy nila.
    plz plz BIG BRO wg nyo plbcn c GEE-ANN s PBB HOUSE
    kc gusto k mg ka develop cl 2 n ZEKE bgy cl 2… sobra ganda tlg ng PBB nakaka enjoy pnuorin hindi nkakasw,..
    hindi ko pinapalampsan mula umg tnghli at gbi.
    hi din pl ky asia at sitti pti nrin ky pinning ang gling nila mg host…. mwuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. virgie soliman says:

    Hi to u ANN & SAM
    hindi bgay c BEA ky jhonlyod kc bduy c jhonlyod. heheehhehehe….. sobra naiinis me s rol nila 2 s maging sino kaman. dpat cjhonlyod ang kawawa dun dapat tlg mahirap nlng sy kc mukha naman tlg sy poor e at sobra baduy ny ha.

  5. bonks says:

    whoaa…i just needed to shut up before i completely destroy someone else’s night…and that might be…ok, i’ll really shut up, promise..

  6. lay says:

    uy wag n kau mangarap kht kailan hinding hnde n magyyari ang gs2 niong sam and say,dhl tapos n kapanahunan nila,wla n un kya shut up,jejejejejejejeje

  7. jelheri says:

    mabait naman si say, lalo na nung sacrifice nya ke franzen. nahawa lang sya ke jb nun kaya parang naging maldita sya ke cass.. hehehe!

  8. ken says:

    naku,,,, basta ganda ni say un lang masasabi ko. kahit tapos na ung pbb season 1, wala paring makakabura sa mga memries na ginawa ni say……………chao

  9. jeannie says:

    I like Say,sana ma meet kta ng personal para makahawakmanlng sa kamay mo at kong poydi pakiss naman type ka c kta.i love Say.

  10. jefer says:

    ok…. Hi mis RE… Ãœ

  11. maechiko says:

    hi saicy & robert bgay na bgay tlga kau!!sobrang lyk ko luvteam nyo!!!sana pglabas kau nga mgkaluvteam…

  12. jinggai says:

    hi, you might be interested to watch zsa zsa zaturnnah ze muzikal on june 16 or june 24. email me for details nalang. Tnx

  13. kayla says:

    nakakainis nmn ni wendy!!ang plastic buti pa c gee-ann nde plastic at maganada pa!!!!!

  14. Anna says:

    She’s cuteee! She and her sister’s Anna Charlene and Mariquellie.. :) the best!

  15. cute naman ni master at say alonzo…

    wonder lang po may future project ba xa sa abs?

  16. realscandal says:

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