Sony HDR-GWP88 unboxed in the flesh, first impressions

Waterproof, shockproof, dustproof & freezeproof; those are the makings of the Sony HDR-GWP88 Handycam that was launched days ago for the local market. It features 16GB of internal memory and a unique built-in projector. We have one to unbox right now, so read on.

Before anything else, here is the unboxing video that we have for you:

So, taking it out of the box, we have a very compact device. It’s not really light, but it isn’t heavy at all either. When you take it into your hand, the controls fall directly to your fingers, and the ergonomics here work very well. In any way that you hold it, your thumb will always be near the zoom & record/standby controls.

sony handycam HDR-GWP88

On the back, you’ll find a button for the projector, zoom controls, start/stop and a button for taking photos instantly. Below that is a well sealed compartment where you’ll find the micro SD card slot, the micro USB port, the micro HDMI port and the battery. Up front, all you’ll find is the camera, the flash and a self-recording button.

sony handycam HDR-GWP88

On top and on the sides, you will find a load of labels and branding, while on the bottom you will see the stand, a lock for the battery door and the speakers.

sony handycam HDR-GWP88

By simply flipping the screen open, the device is powered on. After that, you are confronted by a very manageable touchscreen display that flips 180 degrees, and behind that is the projector.

sony handycam HDR-GWP88

So far, so good. We’ve managed to submerge it in water already, took a few shots here & there and project our contents into walls & ceilings – and glad to say it does pretty good. We’ll be getting into the details very soon with our full review, so stay tuned.

Sony HDR-GWP88 specs:
1/3.91 type BSI Exmor R CMOS Sensor
20.4 megapixel still images, 29.8mm Wide Angle Lens G
Optical SteadyShot image stabilization
10x Optical Zoom
16GB internal memory
3.0 inch Clear Photo LCD display
Slow Motion Recording 1/250 – 1/10,000
Waterproof up to 10m
Shockproof up to 1.5m
Freezeproof up to -10 Celsius
1240mAH NP-BX1 Sony battery
40mm × 108.5mm × 70mm (dimensions)
210g (weight)

The Sony HDR-GWP88 is now available in stores with a suggested retail price of Php34,999, with freebies such as an additional battery, a 16GB micro SD card, a carrying case, etc.

Editor’s Note and Disclosure: Sony Philippine sent us this unit a couple of days before launch and to use it. They also gave the unit for free.

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  1. Rex Manzano

    Is this for a raffle draw? Haha xD

  2. it’s a SONY! i want!!!

  3. galaxy

    i giveaway na yan! hahahaha #GiveAway

  4. Whew! Buti na lang si Dan ang kumuha ng video, hindi low def ang quality hahahahaha!

  5. abuzalzal

    Handycams are soo 1998, hindi na uso and mga dedicated gadgets! Smartphones are the future of video recording

    Php34,999? you kidding me? You can easily buy a good micro 4/3 Camera (or even a DSLR) that does GREAT stills and EXCELLENT video

    • jp esteban

      But this is a ProjectorCam.

    • @abuzalzal:
      are you kidding us? Php34,999 worth of DSLR is just an entry level, yes it can shoot better stills. But this one is a dedicated videocam that has superior output than low end DSLR.

    • abuzalzalero

      Taena… eto nanaman tong si bumbay abuzalzal. Hirit ng hirit, sablay naman!

    • Earl Choa

      you’re right, for that price you can but a DSLR or a m4/3 system, but you also have to take into account maintenance, getting a different set of lenses, a 10x optical zoom lens would mean having to buy a 18-200mm which would cost you an extra 20k, waterproof and shockproof casing that are good for 10m would cost at least 15k, projector would cost 15k, not to mention carrying a lot of gear just to be able to do what a small handycam can do, yes you can probably argue that you can do pretty much the same thing with a gopro, but this has better ergonomics and will be easier to use for the casual consumer

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