Sony RX1 leaked, sports full frame sensor

Our source got their hands on two press shots of the Sony RX1 which, according to the image, will feature a Full Frame CMOS sensor housed in a point-and-shoot body.

The body of this camera bares a lot of similarities to that of the Sony DSC RX100 which we recently featured on the latest episode of Geeky Nights. We’ll be doing an in-depth review of the RX100 in the coming weeks so do stay tuned for that.

Although little is known about the alleged camera’s specs, it is said to be equipped with a 35mm, f/2.0 lens. However, basing from what is shown in the leaked images, it’s pretty hard to tell if the lens is interchangeable or a fix one. With no signs of a lens release button, we’re more inclined to think that the Sony RX1 is high-end point-and-shoot rather than an MILC.


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  1. a full frame, f/2.0 compact camera? wow! even if the lens is not interchangeable, i’d still probably consider buying it.


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