My week in Cologne, so far…

The week breezed by so quick I didn’t realize it’s been a week already. Had a great time here and wanted to share some pictures for friends back home.

As one of our Egyptian delegates would jokingly say “Here in Germany, they don’t have sun!” Well, that’s true during winter. I think for the entire week, I only saw some direct sunlight about 30 minutes in total. The rest of the week, it’s either dark or gloomy. The sky doesn’t light up until around 9am.


We’ve got people coming in from all over — Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Turkey, Honduras, Panama, Argentina (Joaquin Vocos), Brazil, Serbia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Malaysia (Khay Peng Koo), Indonesia, Thailand (Orarick), Cambodia (Sokunthea Kung Keo), Germany and India (Seppi Sebastian). That’s why we got flags to waive around — easier to remember the countries than their names.

Food Germany

Loved the food. Buffet table is always packed with interesting menu, though half the time we always had salad and cold cuts. When the main menu is fish, I automatically become a vegetarian and head over to the salad bar.

Buffet Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


No need for ice since everything gets cold on their own. Instead of turning on the aircon, I turn on the heater which I always forget and often wake up in the morning with brain cells freezing. It snowed the other night too but they’ve melted down by morning.

Cologne Cathedral

We went out to Cologne City yesterday afternoon to do some shopping and have a look around. The Cologne Cathedral is huge and just amazing.

Cologne Cathedral

Inside the cathedral, facing the center. The stained glass are magnificent. (German: Kölner Dom, officially Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria)


Everything is expensive in Germany. The euro is 40+% higher than the US dollar so that’s another bummer. They had a Christmas Market beside the cathedral. Had a bratwurst for €2.50 and a glass of Coca-cola for €1.50.

Cologne Christmas Market


Most of the shops are the ones with name brands and price tags are just crazy. Even the electornic/gadgets are more expensive. Got tired of doing the usual peso-euro conversions– it’s no use, I just can’t afford them.

Yuga in Cologne, Germany

Luckily, I found this one local shop running a holiday sale. Got that parka for a low €17.95 at 70% discount.

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  1. noemi
    Twitter: momblogger

    It’s quite an experience. Cologne was cold to me even if it was summer. I can just imagine you there, freezing. There. there. Here’s some warmth from our tropical country. Hope it reaches you.

  2. Miguel

    Boss you haven’t told us, what are you doing there?

    Did you climb the Kölner Dom tower?

  3. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    Oh, I’m moderating a workshop on Political Communications for the International Academy for Leadership at Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Für Die Freiheit.

  4. Yuga, that Parka sells for 99 cents at the Salvation Army.

  5. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    Saw this one over at Sara in Mall of Asia and it costs Php8,995 so I thought €17.95 is a bargain. And yeah it’s very expensive here. I told them that Coca-Cola is just €0.17 in the Philippines.

  6. Like your shots on food. How do you that? :)

  7. ABEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    Jazzy, I used wide lens.

    Kali, girl, go to your room. We need to wake up early tomorrow.

  9. Yuga, you should go to a Vegas buffet and shoot with these wide-angle lenses. You have the knack for it.

  10. Dexter
    Twitter: techathand

    Nice shoot, Yuga

  11. Eat at a metzgerei (butcher shop) instead and get a better lunch deal. A huge ham slice with potatoes for only EUR 2.50, I think.

    Yun nga lang, you eat standing up.

  12. Nice to see your updated posts..!! Great pictures and nice to learn all of this..!

  13. You may also see more pictures of Germany in enjoy them!

  14. Profile photo of Abe Olandres

    hey, joaco! stop advertising your blog here!

  15. happy new year, guru. i am happy to see that all went well in germany for you and that your global network is growing. all the best for the future – and i hope we may stay in touch. regards from mannheim…

  16. Thanks for sharing the link, unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody have a mirror or another source?

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