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November 15, 2007

Master Link Baiter of the Year

Who could have thought that our early forays into the controversial blogosphere was all just a huge link bait? Follow the link to discover who this master link baiter of the year is.

Just over a year ago, I wrote an entry entitled “Filipino Catholics petition against Bryanboy“. It was probably one of the first few controversies the local blogosphere had witnessed. It was so hot the topic even got the major daily news.

What we all didn’t know that this incident was a masterfully crafted plan by Bryanboy himself. He emailed me the other day and confessed:

One of the challenges on this year’s gay bloggies is to confess something you’ve never written on your blog before. Well, I thought I’d drop you a note, albeit belated, to say THANKS with last year’s antichrist brouhaha.

His entry, Attention whores, poke, poke and provoke (warning: NSFW!) explains it in detail.

Exactly one year ago I made headlines in my country because of a simple yet effective blog entry that I posted.

What people didn’t know (until now) is that blog entry was planned and executed with military-grade precision.

Anyway, my friend and I concocted a cheap little plan.

* Fake email account? Check.
* Fake online petition because anyone new on teh internets think online petitions are still effective? Check.
* Sanctimonious holier-than-thou quote? Check.
* Crazy “ZOMG YOU ARE SO GONNA BURN IN HELL” letter with a ludicrous call-to-action? Check.
* Email a few folk and leave it to their hands to do a little viral marketing campaign. Check.

First time I read his email, I said “Dang, I’ve been had!!!!”.

B, you’re really gonna get it this time. *hehehe* But I have to hand it to you, master link baiter.

17 Responses to “Master Link Baiter of the Year”

  1. Jojo says:

    More like ‘Master Baiter’ ;-)

  2. ScIoN says:

    ^^ haha! nice one!

  3. boddah says:

    he did got you there.. and this will give more traffic to that guy (gay) again..

  4. Gail says:

    Good thing you didn’t “forget” to put “Link” on your title, Master Speller! :D Hehehehe But then again, “Master Baiter of the Year” would HAVE been quite an effective title too! :lol:

  5. Kates says:

    In warcraft, we’re pwned.

  6. marhgil
    Twitter: marhgil

    we’re pwnd! lufet! puro fake pala. teka, totoo bang gay sya? hehehe. baka fake din. LOL!

  7. eric says:

    oh gee. i got pwned too! id never thought that it was all made up.

  8. Christian says:

    The oldest trick in the book and we all bought it. Linkbait = find a wound and pour salt in it

  9. eligio says:

    Crazy. i will never do such thing for a link bait. Bibittin na ako patiwarek nyan dito sa bahay.

  10. BrianB says:

    I’m sure satan will be so happy about it.

  11. L.A says:

    OMG! Hindi pala totoo yun??! LOL!

  12. CrunchSite says:

    Good idea! I first time i knew of Bryan was in an article in

  13. Ferrari says:

    wow.. so that was a fake… we should make a petition saying that, stop killing and political violence to decrease MASS STARVATION!

  14. jamie says:

    lol master link baiter. sounds funny.

    i have actually forgotten how i stumbled upon bryanboy’s site. but i do remember that issue. maybe that jesus thing was the reason i went to his site, i have no idea.

    we can’t deny the fact though that the pictures are real and one way or another, some people are going to be offended by them pictures.

  15. Biyahilo says:

    haha.. until I read your post, I was wondering how bryanboy able to sustain the number of visitors he had. he has consistently stayed on the top of pinoytopsites. just damn good link baiting technique!

  16. it was really a fake. there are really those people who get offended by the pictures . Well that’s life. :) You just have to deal with it.

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