Tune In: Geeky Nights Weekly Podcast

If you’re following me on Twitter (@abelandres), you might have already heard of our weekly podcast show called Geeky Nights. If not, let me share a bit about it and introduce my co-hosts.

{the hosts: @daleskins, @abeolandres, @marklim, @victorbasa}

Geeky Nights is our very own podcast show that streams live every Wednesday nights at around 9PM (normally, 9:30-ish). This week, we moved it earlier and will do it tonight at 9PM since one of our co-hosts is flying to Europe tomorrow.

It’s supposed to be just 30 to 45 mins but in the past couple of weeks, we’re already hitting 1 to 1.5 hours.

The show isn’t really just about gadgets and tech but more on men’s lifestyle and geekiness — gaming, comics, photography, cars, sports, movies, the internet — all sprinkled with a little bit of tech.

Anyway, we’re just in the beta-phase and will soon have our HD videos up in iTunes. For now, we’re doing it live on uStream. Hit the links below to follow and subscribe to the show.

Twitter: @geekynights
Facebook: facebook.com/geekynights
uStream: ustream.tv/channel/geekynights
Web: www.geekynights.com
Instagram: GeekyNights

Remember, we’re doing one show tonight at 9PM. And oh, we’re also giving away some pries to the viewers. ;)

Special thanks to Toff Tiozon, our photographer and 5th crew.

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  1. Nice! Pang-ilang ep na kayo sir Abe? Mas maganda sana kung weekly may naka-assign na different topics, parang The Verge lang. :D

  2. Paolo Concepcion

    Nice! Im currently watching it over Ustream! Goodluck Geekynight guys!

  3. how can I download your previous episodes?

  4. I also do podcast for a DJ’s show but on certain Wednesday nights I’m taking my off and listened to your show and it was so awesome! Keep it up… who knows you make it to next year’s OMG Awards! :) Right guys?

  5. Sir kung ppde sana palagay ng schedule sa Sidebar ng next episode ng podcast kasi di ako nakakacheck ng twitter lagi.

  6. Sir Abe, sayang now ko lng nareceive ung email newsletter mo. I missed the podcast last night :(

  7. Sir Abe,

    Kindly check the typo on your Twitter account. :)

  8. best gadget show ever. im in the loop!


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