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January 08, 2013

Do you like glass-backed phones?

Glass backs are becoming a trend in the world of smartphones, but there has been a lot of talk about it on every corner. Some say it’s not practical at all, while some will continue to argue that it’s beautiful to look at and it gives the device a premium feel.

Let’s take a look back at the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 was one of the best designed phones that ever existed, and it still is. However, not everyone was happy about the glass design that Apple has implemented on the phone. Some complained about the susceptibility of the glass to cracks.

Eventually, a bumper was outed. At the same time, consumers just decided to buy a case to protect the phone – but that defeats the purpose of having a beautifully designed phone.

glass back

A few months ago, Google went with glass designed phones too, in the form of the Nexus 4. Again, it is a marvelous device, but reviews all around the media were complaining about the glass. History then repeats itself; Google releases a bumper case for the phone.

Just recently, the Sony Xperia Z was made official. I honestly had low-expectations for the phone a few moments ago, but upon the announcement, I was swept away by the design and the features.

Glass phones

But that’s not the point. The Xperia Z also features a glass back and a sleek design which drew me closer. I had varying sentiments on glass backs as I’m not entirely confident that I can take care of that fragile material. At the same time, the thought of having a device made out of mostly glass really had a premium impression on me.

A glass can be one of the reasons you would want a device, but it could also be one of the reasons why you’re avoiding it. Seeing the current trends of having glass-backed high-end smartphones, do you think it’s practical? Would you prefer a future with glass-backed smartphones? Leave a comment and share your opinions down below.

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27 Responses to “Do you like glass-backed phones?”

  1. reader says:

    yes i think its good because sometimes when you are not using the phone and you just stare at it, the glass really looks good compensating the expensive price tag.

  2. almed27 says:

    As a clumsy person, I do not recommend it. It kindda doubles your worry with your phone. Get a case if you are really clumsy. Note: Nexus 4 user

    • Diesel says:

      Meron ka bang case for your Nexus 4. I can’t seem to find one. Any advice po where I could buy one? thanks :D

  3. djsunega says:

    As long as it looks sexy and it’s gorilla glass, I’ve got no fret.

  4. tonto says:

    I’m utilitarian so I really would rather have hard and rough plastics for my phone’s back. Is there any reason for using glass (like maybe dispersing heat better) or is it only for the looks?

  5. edisson
    Twitter: aidsseason

    I usually drop my phone at every heights. If I have a glass backed phone at this very moment, you can now see on the floor so no I don’t like glass backed phones.

  6. joseph says:

    i guess glass backing makes smartphones look like a premium device but just like any worries, glass is more prone to cracks even though uses Corning Gorilla Glass to make it more durable. Aluminum and Polycarbonate are what i prefer for the rear.

  7. Browse
    Twitter: browse10

    yeah I like that, but I still definitely buy a case just for protection. — ? my blog ^.^

  8. mikibabs says:

    having a glass backed phone makes it much more expensive and most smartphone users buy a protective casing to better protect their phone’s so it just doesn’t make sense to have a glass backed phone for aesthetic purposes.

  9. Michaell says:

    does it really matter? its not fair to worry bout the glass back of a device since the front part is also made of glass. if people worries the back, then should also think about the front. have your thought of using a phone with a plastic front screen like the old days?

  10. jeykoy says:

    yes i like having a glass-backed phone. the device looks pretty awesome with it. The cost of the premium appearance is the fragility of the device.

  11. Rye says:

    GSMArena said “The back looks like it’s made of glass though it’s actually some sort of plastic.”

    • Ice says:

      True. the so called glass on “all” mobile devices are not really glass but some kind of specially made plastic based material. The term glass is just a marketing gimmick.

  12. pmdb says:

    I previously owned a N7000 and now a happy owner of a N4. The glass back indeed makes it feel like a premium device but it also makes you feel the engines firing up specially when playing games.The LG Nexus 4 bumper also helps your fingers from feeling the hot glass back.

  13. dj says:

    Nope. It’s enough that the front is made of glass. Why double the fragility of the phone with a glass back? Not practical and I choose practicality over good looks.

  14. r41nier says:

    It’s durable. Xperia Z uses Dragontail glass.

  15. Arj says:

    So there’s three glass-backed phones and that’s a trend? Sheeesh!

  16. aze says:

    if its gg3, its ok for me.

  17. darren mozo
    Twitter: axedmozo

    in my opinion.i think it’s not so good to have. remember it’s only back of the phone.

  18. BernarDroid
    Twitter: BernarDroid_21

    Madali nman mabasag para sa mga clumsy owners pero ok lng nman ang Nexus 4

  19. lupin says:

    iglass for apple

  20. Clyde says:

    Glass is beautiful. I personally like it. One reason why I like the Nexus 4 so much is that because it went the Apple way and utilized glass as its back cover. Glass in front is equally fragile naman eh.Mababasag din ang screen mo pagnabagsak mo ng matindi ang phone mo. Kahit 2.8 inches lang yan or mala galaxy note na 5.5 inches, mababasag at mababasag yan pag nalaglag mo.

  21. Clyde says:

    Equally fragile kung may glass back man or wala. If you drop your phone at a very awkward angle from a height, there will always be a chance of glass breaking. I like glass back plates. Beautiful.

  22. jeremybooz says:

    Yung sa kin nga kabibili ko lang ng Nexus 4 kahapon, kinabukasan nauntog lang, BASAG agad ung back panel. :’((((

  23. ekel says:

    the title should be “can you afford glass-backed phone” hahaha

  24. Nictorres says:

    Kung hindi ito glass I think it was like a Plexiglass yung ginagamit sa Board ng Basketball, imagine the Plexiglass na laging tinatamaan ng bola pero hindi nababasag. For me, Plastic Cover is Anti-Scratch (well visually because you can add colors to the plastic) but it is more bendable and with Glass Cover, it’s Anti-Bend/Break but more prone sa Scratch (those tiny hairline-like scratches).

  25. iakjwlfgw says:

    hello worldl, i am new herer

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