Tuesday, November 20th, 2012
Do you want iOS to change?

Do you want iOS to change?

If you haven’t heard, iOS VP Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple soon. He was one of the men heavily responsible for designing the controversial operating system, iOS.

There was a lot of controversy on Apple Maps and the so-called features added in iOS 6. Forstall will be leaving in 2013 and his tasks were divided upon several people. One of these people is Jony Ive, the man in charge of Apple’s Industrial Design department.

On the other side of the story, Android is definitely winning loyal users from iOS through time. Even Windows Phone does so. People are saying that Apple hasn’t really changed iOS much since its launch while some would argue that you shouldn’t change what is not broken.

Yes, it is true that iOS is still functional. In fact, one of the reasons it pulls users to it is that it just works. A lot of people were asking for a major UI overhaul last iOS’ release and they didn’t get it. With Forstall leaving, things might change. The experience might change.

Next year, Apple might be unveiling an iPhone 5S, probably an incremental upgrade like the iPhone 4S. With no new hardware designs to expect, what could steal the consumer’s attention? A better camera and a processor – but what else?

Not much is wrong with the operating system; it’s just that sometimes we need a breath of fresh air. What do you think?

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  1. Do not compare iphone to midrange and low end droids guys unfair un… Dapat icompare nyo ang iphone sa android na same price sila… You will see the difference..

    Madami kasi ngsasabi na ang bagal at laggy daw ang android unlike iphone na mabilis daw..pag tinanung mo naman kung anu ang android nila ang sagot ay galaxy y..so the hell compare galaxy y 6k to iphone 4s 25k….


  2. onga eh..os to os ang comparison hindi yung kapresyo or let’s say ka-linya nya…i’m also droid ang ios user pero mas gamit ko ang ios kasi panay virus ng droid ko..kakasawa magscan ng apps every now and thru using my paid app…just saying

  3. next year may dalawang bagong iphone product ang apple, iphone5S at iphone6.

  4. iPhone is so boring! i dont want static icons!

    i want widgets, app drawers, desktop and customizations! you cant even see the weather unless you tap 10 times! in android… you dont need to tap… you only need to look.

    • tama, pero kung gusto mo talaga na hindi boring ang IOS try to JB it pero if hindi ka techie need u pa gumastos lime pagawa sa greenhills

      well sa android not only weather pwede din ung ibang apps.

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