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November 20, 2012

Do you want iOS to change?

If you haven’t heard, iOS VP Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple soon. He was one of the men heavily responsible for designing the controversial operating system, iOS.

There was a lot of controversy on Apple Maps and the so-called features added in iOS 6. Forstall will be leaving in 2013 and his tasks were divided upon several people. One of these people is Jony Ive, the man in charge of Apple’s Industrial Design department.

On the other side of the story, Android is definitely winning loyal users from iOS through time. Even Windows Phone does so. People are saying that Apple hasn’t really changed iOS much since its launch while some would argue that you shouldn’t change what is not broken.

Yes, it is true that iOS is still functional. In fact, one of the reasons it pulls users to it is that it just works. A lot of people were asking for a major UI overhaul last iOS’ release and they didn’t get it. With Forstall leaving, things might change. The experience might change.

Next year, Apple might be unveiling an iPhone 5S, probably an incremental upgrade like the iPhone 4S. With no new hardware designs to expect, what could steal the consumer’s attention? A better camera and a processor – but what else?

Not much is wrong with the operating system; it’s just that sometimes we need a breath of fresh air. What do you think?

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31 Responses to “Do you want iOS to change?”

  1. alainL
    Twitter: kurogami207176

    Things I want added:

    1. Open Intents
    2. Windows/Linux Platform development
    3. Better notifications
    4. Deep Google services integration

  2. Anonymous says:

    people will be smarter the 7th?? time around and will look else where if apple insist on there motto don’t fix something that isn’t broken then….again…hhmmmm… no wonder samsung called iphone(ios) user iSheep -_-

  3. don says:

    pwede magsama yun nag resign sa microsoft at yun guy na to… :D gawa sila ng bagong ecosystem :)

  4. gboydroid says:

    Its good that they will keep it that way bcoz ios is a complete crap anyway which many buyers and loyal i-sheeps always spent much money to nothing.hahaha dont post here and say ios is better than android.LOL..

  5. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    would be perfect if you can dual-boot IOS with droid

  6. aimhigh says:

    LOL… :D

  7. chopotka says:


    Do you even know what you’re talking about? Windows and Linux platform development? Really? Each platform has its own ecosystem. If you want platform independent apps then go look at Firefox OS, why? because it’s browser based, i.e. HTML5.

    • alainL
      Twitter: kurogami207176

      Oh god. Entrada mo palpak. Nagmamagaling agad.

      I develop Android on windows, mac and linux (depending on what I feel like using). iOS can only be developed on OSX. I’m not developing on Firefox OS, why? Because it’s dead on arrival.

      Buzz off.

  8. jhan says:

    No dual boot…android can do what icrap-OS can better…

  9. 'Em says:

    That’s why I left iPhone last year. It’s so boring!

  10. chinitoguy says:

    I think its about time… I never liked Apple. Now that Windows Phone is gaining attention I would probably leave Android to switch to Windows Phone.

  11. thecorrescode says:

    You can develop application in Android using Eclipse and Java running in MacOSX, Windows and Linux.

    Hindi ba pedeng gawin yun sa iOS? Sabagay, mukhang pera naman si Apple. Tipong kung gusto mo magdevelop nang application sa iOS, need mong bumili ng OVERPRICED na MAC. Tapos 30% ng kita sa application eh kukunin pa nang Apple. Hindi ba GREED tawag dun.

  12. thecorrescode says:

    You can develop application in Android using Eclipse and Java running in MacOSX, Windows and Linux.

    Hindi ba pedeng gawin yun sa iOS? Sabagay, mukhang pera naman si Apple. Tipong kung gusto mo magdevelop nang application sa iOS, need mong bumili ng OVERPRICED na MAC. Tapos 30% ng kita sa application eh kukunin pa nang Apple. Hindi ba GREED tawag dun.

  13. yesyes says:

    just die already iphone, hihihi

  14. Middleman says:

    si Google ganun din naman they get certain percentage of the sales from apps to help maintain the ecosystem. Wag ka magreklamo coz aminin mo man o hindi kung nakagamit ka ng ios o android alam mo na mas smooth pa rin at stable ang ios. Di naman sa specs lang yan. Meron ako ios and android kaya naexperience ko talaga ang kaibahan. Di ko naman sinasabi na pangit android its a matter of preference pa rin kung ano gusto mo na OS.

  15. Glenn
    Twitter: tobimagwire

    what i wish for apple is to support all video/music format, so that i’ll be able to transfer movies without converting it to a readable format. well i only had an itouch 4th gen to play with and its so smooth and responsive as compared to my samsung galaxy w phone which is running in gingerbread.

    Hope that iMessage can also be integrated with other IM :D

  16. SarcasmGal says:

    “It just works”

    Proceeds to jail break the device.

  17. Mr A
    Twitter: solidad

    It’s not being greedy, it’s called being smart. Maximizing profit by unifying their entire product suite.

    You can buy an android phone that is up-to-date. MX Player is like the VLC for Android. It can even play Anime subs with little to no problems.

    @IC DeaDPiPoL
    You can’t have everything.

    If you’ve invested thousands of dollars on the ecosystem, it is not easy to switch sides.

  18. kaninglamig
    Twitter: SahleehSanDiego

    droid users, wag tayong bitter..anong wala sa droid sa’s marketing…tell me why marami paring apple fanboys kahit walang major changes sa ios ecosystem compared sa droid?!? it’s all about money and they way the brand itself will sell the product..droid is being used by “tons” of manufacturers whereas ios is just solely apple.. it’s just a win-win situation. yes, masakit sa puso na minssan iisip ng ios fanboy na kulang pa pero wala ganun talaga eh..let’s wait for winmo8 para magkaalaman in the next 2 years…just saying…

  19. kaninglamig
    Twitter: SahleehSanDiego

    *disclaimer: twitter name is not mine..i forgot to erase it from this netcafe..thanks

  20. LenovoLover says:

    Bakit ganon ang mga Android users, parating bitter sa Apple users.

    Know your history android users. Kung buhay pa si Steve Jobs ngayon , he will do a full war with android OS, dahil obvious naman na ninakaw ng android ang idea from apple. I own both an iPhone and Android (Lenovo :p) ,but i enjoy more the iPhone since mas malinis ang ecosystem, unlike ng android market na nagkalat ang bogus apps. Admit it na, nauna talaga ang apple sa innovation, bitter lang talaga ang android fans kase nagdadalawang isip sila sa price, pero kung talagang nakakatulong sa iyo ang product, just like apple apps , why not diba? innovation doesn’t need to be complicated, keeping it simple is the best way to attract customers,

  21. kenchanayo@ofw says:

    Android user ako.customize ko ang fone ko sa umaga,lunch,hapon,sa gabi at finally bago matulog.walang kokontra.hahahhaa.Dito sa Sokor its all about Samsung vs Apple pang 3rd lng ang LG.

  22. Ex-Alodian Knight says:

    Wait, kulelat ang LG?
    Hindi kaya, panu yung Optimus G?
    Sila nagpasimuno ng lahat ng tech na ginagawa ng droid like 1st Dual Core Smartphone, 1st Krait Smartphone and so forth.

  23. Jun Isip says:

    Fast access to certain settings like wifi, volume
    Folders on the dock are good

  24. Levite says:

    No… I don’t want iOS to change. So that many iSheep will still use the old stale UI and get stuck with it.

    Go… go Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 920

  25. StevieBoy says:

    “…while Apple owners are simply excited about the latest innovation, Android owners are excited for an entirely different reason – they want the latest phone to destroy Apple, so that the company no longer exists.” -Steven Blum

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