Poll: What’s your back-up internet like?

For some people, having a back-up internet plan is a must if they need to be connected to the net ask the time. Usually, back-up options are often cheaper, nomadic and portable.

If you’re one of those who carry some sort of back-up internet, go hit the comments and share with us what it’s like.

Mine’s pretty simple but more redundant — a Smart Bro Share-It (postpaid), a Globe MyFi (prepaid), and a Sun Cellular USB dongle (prepaid, with Sapido mobile router). Update: I forgot I also have that Bayan Broadband USB stick (postpaid) but it’s being used by my staff.

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  1. stArvin

    Globe myfi + Globe Supersurf on my BB

  2. fr0stbyte

    Ganito lang ‘yan.. Check for the internet speeds of all providers. Choose the fastest. This becomes less of an issue if you have an open-line USB modem (like my first SmartBro modem) for which you can use any 3G enabled SIM cards from all providers. Simple lang.

  3. Cute Ako

    Globe Tattoo Prepaid…

    Speaking of Globe Tattoo, nagloko na naman sila kanina sa Prepaid Supersurf service nila… Kakaload ko pa lang eh nakaka800mb na raw ako… Naputol ng bigla yung connection. Tapos ngayong gabi, pagonline ko, may message sila na ganito:

    “Globe Advisory: You may have been notified that your Super Surf registration was deactivated earlier than expected. Please disregard the text message you received. This is due to an isolated system issue that we have already corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience. You may now continue to browse with your Super Surf subscription. Thank You for being with Globe.”

    Di man lang alam sinabi kung ibabalik nila yung 8 hours na nasayang dahil sa kapalpakan ng system nila…

  4. thepaper

    *Huawei E5 + Smart Bro or Sun Broadband Wireless sim.

  5. Dennis

    I’m currently using a Globe Tattoo SuperStick, and it evolved from being my back up internet plan to being my only internet plan :P i surf, watch vids and blog regularly, and so far my Tattoo has been working wonders for me.

  6. vicman

    I still have my old reliable open-lined globe visibility.

  7. jonas

    been using globe tattoo but still has bandwidth cap so i switched to sbw myfi. it’s good. i’m tethering with my nokia phones as well. works fine

  8. Using Cisco RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router, we have PLDT DSL as primary and Globe DSL as backup.

  9. Smart Bro sucks big time!

    Mas mabilis pa ang dial up kahit HSPA ang connection.

    0.04 Mbps average speed.


  10. I use Sun Cellular USB dongle as my back up. Its very reliable in my area.

  11. I just use my Phone as the modem with Globe 3G

  12. Nokia E72 and htc android phones + Globe unlimited internet service

  13. i’m using globe tattoo and bayan wireless. both are pretty good, i use them interchangeably…

  14. I use my Sun Wireless Broadband stick (openline) as primary internet and just insert my Globe (postpaid) sim in case there is no Sun coverage.

  15. Kimka77

    huawei e160 openlined from globe( prepaid sim globe /postpaid sumn and use it for my APaD..great c”,

  16. Got SmartBRO not just for back up but main line of connection here in my place.

    Lastly, I am enjoying the connection but right now with the system enhancement kinda angry with the unstable connection event during off-peak hours.

    Hoping it will return to the normal one.

  17. globe tatoo.

    but it is too slow. most of the time, i cant even load a page, esp gmail or anything that has ajax on it… so unreliable.

    currently looking for a replacement. one that is reliable even if not super fast. :)


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