Poll: What’s your smartphone budget like?

Been talking to a number of phone manufacturers lately regarding the smartphone market and how price-sensitive FIlipinos are. I threw out some numbers and wanted to get some more feedback from my readers here and see if I’m within the ballpark figure.

I’m putting it out as a poll on the right side navigation column but feel free to leave a comment to qualify your answer.

Our poll for this week — what’s your smartphone budget like?

a) I can only afford smartphones under Php10k.
b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget.
c) I can go up to Php20k but that’s it.
d) I’ll spend as much as Php25k for a smartphone.
e) It’s Php30k tops for me.
f) Even if it’s above Php30k, I’ll go for it as long as it’s really good.

Best way to figure out what your answer would be is to check what’s the most expensive smartphone you bought int he last 12 months and start from there (that means if you own an iPhone, you should be picking e or f).

I’m sure everyone wants uber-cheap smarpthones but we know that’s not gonna happen. Go hit the comments and share your thoughts.

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  1. d) I’ll spend as much as Php25k for a smartphone.
    I hope these smartphones stay low..
    They’re already as expensive as laptops…

  2. I don’t have a car and commuting on public utility is risky so i prefer the lowest range.

  3. B)Id spend 10-15k budget for a smartphone. Higher than that would be very expensive for me. I would rather spend 25k and above for a good netbook or a laptop, just my 2 cents.

  4. fr0stbyte

    I can spend 30K on a smartphone BUT it has be a very capable one.. A phone that will last me at least 3 years. I don’t phones that make me wanna upgrade every year. Pero kung commute C1-00 lang ang dala ko. Hahaha. PH is a very dangerous place for gadgetry

  5. Jonathan

    I have A and F. F when I am in a safe area, A for areas that are not safe to have an F phone :)

  6. daniel

    B – for a typical middle class family member that is student. i belong there haha.

  7. supernaut

    under 10K smartphone is enough for my needs. i can’t even maximize the use of my ideos. :)

  8. okidok

    My Nokia E63 is more than enough for my present & I guess future needs, I bought a Galaxy tab WIFI only (P1010) at CMK a couple of mos ago for 16K, its great!. So there goes my budget hehehe :)

  9. a)-Because this only fits my budget, I can’t afford to purchase more than 15k for a phone.

  10. jayson

    Ill go for b) its not the problem of the budget but it is rather the declining of the price of the phone that runs down so fast..It can have half the price when you bought it in 3-6 mos. So lower price means lower depreciation.. :)

  11. C. 20k. I am a Blackberry user but I tend to look for cheap deals online. I never go to malls to purchase a phone. I will never spend more than 20k for a mobile phone.

  12. c. up to 2ok
    am waiting for htc desire s to drop to 18-20K and ill get one of those smartphone!

  13. b) Between Php10k to Php15k is my preferred budget. Not the cheapest but affordable. i do not like buying expensive phones cause it’s not worth it. Cmon! Phones do depreciate value. With the fast pace of technology, the expensive ones will soon be cheap :D

  14. a) I can only afford smartphones under Php10k
    because that’s my only budget for a phone..that’s why i’m looking for a high end smart phone..maybe at the range of 5k – 7k :D

  15. personally, my choice would be b. but since i am looking for a smartphone gift for hubby its gonna have to be e-f – you know how it is with boys and their gadgets :) my iphone 4 is great and i dont think ill be replacing it anytime soon but galaxy note seems like a good choice too…

  16. I pick letter A. and do you have any android phones that costs 10k but it is not made in china please reply A.S.A.P


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