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April 23, 2011

Poll: Which Android phone are you?

Android phones have finally become a staple option for a lot of consumers. There are many affordable entry-level ones up to the high-end flagship handsets available in the market — and it looks like everyone’s got an Android nowadays.

So let’s put this as a poll — which Android phone are you using right now? And how long have you been using it?

Go hit the comments for your answers. Let’s see how pervasive Android is in the Philippines.

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228 Responses to “Poll: Which Android phone are you?”

  1. hybridstar says:

    I use HTC Hero… soon I will get HTC Sensation here in Singapore.

  2. diyords says:

    HTC Desire HD user here! Coolness!

  3. harold says:

    Proud user of Optimus One! :))

  4. Buffy says:

    AT&T Samsung Galaxy S Captivate. got it last April 2011.

  5. Greg
    Twitter: Gregory

    Sony Ericsson X10 mini. Had it for a month. But I owned an Ericsson X8 previously for about 5 months.

  6. Alwin
    Twitter: AlwinAguirre

    HTC Magic owner with CM Rom for over a year already.

  7. mr.Orange says:

    HTC Desire Z, been using it since December 2010

  8. nico says:

    lg gt540 optimus…been using since oct 2010…my 1st and only android..hehe..

  9. Kean
    Twitter: iamkeanplanas

    Soon to be an Optimus One owner!

  10. marx says:

    for me x8. entry level lang pero after installan ng cyanogen rom panalo… :D

  11. Dewsdude says:

    xperia x10… from android 1.6 to 2.2 now waiting for gingerbread update by the end of june or first week of july.. so exited with the newest update… Sony Ericsson Rocks!

  12. joey bayani says:

    I had a Galaxy Mini… all I can say is a found a new friend. her name is An, surname Droid. Angry Birds… LOve it!!!

  13. g5 says:

    I’m using the now “forgotten” galaxy 5 (forgotten due to the fact that samsung didn’t seem to care about the little guy at all just a few months after release)… hopefully I could switch to AT LEAST the first galaxy S or some HTC phone under 1ghz with a decent cam

  14. jason's desire says:

    The HTC Desire. It wasn’t my first (nor second) Android choice but when I saw I loved it instantly. It is a beautiful phone. I love it!

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