Poll: Who makes the best Android phones?

Almost everyone is jumping into the Android craze and it has done a lot of wonders for many manufacturers. I would even hazard an opinion that Android significantly propelled some handset brands to the level of success they now have. Some do it right, while others still have to work harder.

Let’s put this to a vote, shall we? So who makes the best Android phones? Who’s your favorite handset manufacturer?

Our choices are:

  • HTC
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Sony-Ericsson
  • Huawei
  • Cherry Mobile
  • Torque
  • Motorola
  • Acer

I think it’s going to be a toss-up between HTC and Samsung. HTC has a lot of trophies in its belt (HTC Hero, Desire & Sensation) while Samsung is getting a lot of attention with the Galaxy S2.

I’ve added the Poll widget again on the right side of the sidebar. Feel free to send your votes there and/or leave a comment below.

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  1. Jehgan

    Hmmm. I guess it depends. In high end market I think HTC (Sensation), Samsung (SII) then Sony (Arc) and lastly Lg (X2, black). In low end market Lg (Opti 1), then Samsung (…). It really depends on your needs and wants or to say consumer preference.

  2. They’re all terrific.

  3. Droid Dev

    Who makes the best Android Phones?
    The answer is simple, clear and unanimous (based on the poll).


    SGS2 just eats everybody for breakfast. And HTC can suck it.

    P.S. I was a victim of HTC Sensation’s WiFi Death Grip, returned it. Bought the SGS2 instead and now am very happy.

    • That’s just a poll anyway. And look, HTC isn’t far behind. :P

    • Phantom

      Oh, its a poll, alright. Where people do the voting. Guess what, Samsung’s kicking HTC’s behind. Eat dust HTC.

      We don’t care if SGS2 is all ‘plasticky’, its the best damn smartphone today!

    • Well, if you just trust this poll, then there must be something wrong with you. :)

      The poll does not even have much votes either. Anyway,I’m glad Android is still kicking Apple’s iOS ass.

    • It’s not just the polls. Over 1 million SGS2’s sold in Korea over a month from its launch. Sold out in almost all stores in the UK (and even in India). We’ll soon see if it will sell out here as well. Those people couldn’t go wrong with their smartphone of choice. It’s not yet even available in the US tapos naka-1 million units sold na in just a month in S Korea alone?

    • To xx ^:
      Samsung is a product of Korea and Koreans are proud of their own that’s why it’s the most selling cellphone brand there.

      I think HTC makes the best Android phones.

  4. mr. bogus

    samsung and htc!!!

    where are the apple fan boys??? time now to troll… those ui addicts!!!

    • Jologs

      Is there a really need for that comment??? Ang lumalabas tuloy parang ikaw ang troll.

    • Ang sabi kasi best android smartphone eh.
      Agree with jologs. Ikaw ang nagmukhang troll.

      On topic. Sa high end phones.
      HTC ako kung desire hd vs, galaxy.
      Pero ngayon sa Desire Sensation VS. SGS2.
      Panalo para sakin ang SGS2.

    • para kay mr.bogus na hinde nagbabasa….

      “Poll: Who makes the best ANDROID phones?”

      the yolks on you bro? trolled back at yah /gg

      To all

      Physique and build quality would be HTC
      Perfomance would be Samsung
      a little bit of both would be Sony-Xperia

      (all on latest as of the time im clicking submit /gg

  5. HTC for me. :)

    -HTC Desire S user

  6. HTC all the way. They may not be perfect, nor have the most powerful phone at any moment, but they do have they listen to their customers most of the time. Design is great, and build quality is astounding.

    Customer support, well, I’ve had several first-hand experiences. Very professional and helpful, even in the most petty issues.

    Sammy, well, no offense to Samsung fans here, but build quality is awful. Though they do have top of the line hardware at their disposal, they just can’t seem to build one right, IMO. Not to mention their Android UI/skin is sucks and looks like a cheap imitation of the iOS UI.

  7. LG Optimus Black FTW!

  8. It’s a toss-up between HTC and Samsung.

    HTC has excellent build quality (although the Sensation’s death grip issue is a downer).

    Samsung has excellent overall functions (especially the camera), but plastic builds? Come on, we know you can do better than that.

    As for Sony Ericsson, they’re pretty good, but that TimeScape UI is just blah. Same with Motorola’s MotoBlur.

    LG is decent, but not outstanding.

  9. SGS2 is definitely the winner here

  10. i guess people here doesn’t understand the poll. u cannot just tell that samsung pawned everything just because of galaxy s2. anyway we all have our own preferences, smartphones owners know the best when it comes to quality and build since the release of cupcake 1.5 and donut 1.6.

    • Phantom

      You are one of them.

      The poll specifically says the best ‘Android smartphone’, we are not talking about Android version.

      Are you trying to act cool and mighty by knowing the Android version releases?

    • Joncreep.weird

      Actually, he has a point. Software version should also matter.

    • am not trying to be “cool and mighty” you damn ass. i think you should learn the semantics of the question before labeling me with those words. you try to contradict your answer for a very simple question. by the way your “android smartphone” clearly states ANDROID so i think we are TALKING of android as well.

      got it?

  11. LG mataas battery life mura pa…

  12. Samsung is the best IF ONLY they accomodate the needs of their customers!
    The customer service is not good!

  13. The question is “who makes the best android phones?”..
    Before you can answer this question, you should review the different android phones from a company..It is not just determine by their high end gadget just like in Samsung, some said samsung is the best because of their galaxy s2, rather, it is determine by their entire product line of android phone..

    • Let’s say I have a Samsung SGS2 and I consider it to be the best android phone in the market, wouldn’t that entitle me to answer Samsung as the best android phone maker? Do I really have to experience all of those gadgets to answer the poll? do you really expect everybody to review all the android phones that are out in the market? And is there really a company who dished out top notch android phones consistently?

    • If you really want to know who is the best android maker then you have to review their android phones.
      My point is here, the best android maker is not determine by their high end product..
      Its my first time to comment here, I didn’t like debating here..:)

    • Consider this: Not all company caters to the same class or market. If company X only caters to class A and B while company Y caters to almost all classes, the evaluation or “review” of the company based on all the phones they have manufactured (plus the number of phone models they have actually released) will be deviated. (Cheaper phones catering to lower classes tend to get lackluster reviews).

      Care to tell us your choice for the best android phone maker from your “EXTENSIVE” review of ALL the line-ups of each manufacturer? And how you’ve come up with your choice against all other manufacturers? I’m sure you have your opinions. But others have as well.

  14. HTC, Samsung and LG!

  15. Tetchie

    I can’t really compare as my current android phone is my first but it made me choose HTC among others because I had good experience with my previous phone which is HTC also but with Windows OS. I was impressed by its built and capability and after more than 2 years it’s still working great and does not even look worn out.

    Right now, I’m loving my Wildfire S and it may not be one of the high end android phones but it feels like one already….at least to me.

  16. I go for Samsung. I’m using it and having no problems especially with OS upgrades. Customer support is also awesome!

  17. I love HTC! However, I am falling for Arc as well.

    Anyway, we don’t need super phones. Almost any smart phone are jsut the same in their capabilities. For me it all comes down to beauty. After all, admit it or not, we just want to brag our “sexy smart phone” to the one sitting beside us on the train.

    I know a lot of people who uses the so called “hi-tech phones” primitively.

    Samsung is good on their mid-range phones but on Android, tehy really suck.

  18. I voted for Samsung, but I think you’re lacking one more option that’s clearly the winner: Google. Their Nexus line is, by far, the best in terms of app-dev. Also, the early updates with the latest firmwares and the lack of bloat-wares are nice to have!

  19. Anonymous

    Samsung it is, no other than the gadget god. Heck who other manufacturer makes their phones from parts manufactured by themselves? Even up until now Samsung’s own Hummingbird processor is the king of the single core mobile processors, now with Exynos’ release it’s the king of the hill on the dual core mobile processor arena. Sure HTC made a puclic marketing stunt by employing the “WE LISTEN” slogan, pfft only tards would fall for that.

    We’ll come to think to of it most phone parts are made by Samsung lol..

  20. HTC or SE when they launched the arc. :D

    samsung’s great and all but look at the sgs2 the touchwiz looks way too similar to ios and the look of the phone itself when compared to the iphone. Besides dual core doesn’t matter if the apps aren’t built to work with the hardware. :D

  21. memeru

    good day im planning to buy new phone but i dont know which

    can you help me

    LG Optimus Black or Samsung Galaxy SL

    which should i buy?


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