Poll: Who offers the best postpaid plans?

Been asked about this several times before but could not give a more definitive answer since I have not tried all of the postpaid plans. So I thought why not get everyone’s opinion, especially from those who have been on postpaid for many years.

Our obvious choice is between Sun, Smart and Globe and their respective postpaid plans.

  • Which carrier offers the most value vis-a-vis the monthly service fee. Meaning, if you pay Php500 MSF, are you also getting Php500 of calls, text and mobile internet hours or do you get more?
  • Which carrier offers the most flexible plan so you are able to consume your credits any way you want?
  • Which carrier offers the widest line-up of handsets as freebies? Which one carries the most number of “aspired” handsets? Do they offer more than just cellphones as freebies (like tablets, etc.)?
  • Which one provides satisfactory or better customer service to postpaid subscribers?
  • Which one offers more promos, rewards, and loyalty points to their postpaid subscribers over their prepaid subscribers?
  • From a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate your postpaid subscription with your carrier?

I’ve only been a Globe postpaid subscriber because of the iPhone so I can’t really comment about Smart or Sun (although I’ve been contemplating on getting a Smart sub since the only one I have now is the Smart Bro account).

If you’re also a postpaid subscriber, go hit the comments and share your feedback.

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  1. Stark

    i have both globe and sun. no plans of getting smart.

  2. Globe has the best postpaid offerings.
    The plans are flexible and can be customized to match your needs.

    I’m currently on Plan 1799, I get 1799 fully consumable, 15 hrs of free Mobile internet and a free iPhone 4! san ka pa :)

    • Jacen29

      aww. free ang iphone4 mo sa plan 1799? hmmm how come mine was not totally free… got mine at plan 1799 with 9k+ payment for the iphone…

      Any ways my plan before was fully loaded plan then I changed to the Internet plan they have… 1k for unli-internet and 799 for consumable..

  3. I’ve been with Smart Gold for more than 3 years now and I would say they have the best mobile service. Only problem with them is that they don’t have the best marketing strategy to match Globe’s flashy effects. But overall, I’ll rate them 9 out of 10! :)

    • Name: Prince

      as far as i know globe is the best postpaid plan ever but yung saakin nasakit ang ulo k kasi pag halmbawa ng bayad ka minsan matagal bago mag reflect now i try smart gold plan 500 consummable

  4. leemar

    its always globe, been with globe for more than 10yrs (3 yrs on postpaid now). although i have dispute still i like their service and plan offers.

  5. Rtcendana

    Globe is the best. They are also to talk to on disputes.sun stingiest on disputes
    9 to globe

  6. Huwak kayo sa SUN… They don’t know what they are doing…

    Meron ako try na feature nila, yung text-to-email. Ayaw ko na sabi ko sa kanila stop na… several months na still being charged on my bill! Whew!

  7. My mom is on a Smart postpaid, my dad on Globe and I’m on Sun. :D I think it really depends on your needs.

    My dad makes a lot of calls to different networks and he’s good with his plan. He had his globe line cut before though, because of hidden charges etc.

    Working in a hospital, unlimited texting and calling is important for me so the Sun’s Plan350 is super worth it. I get unlimited texts and calls, 250 pesos consumable. I also used to have the 650 add on which gives you a free sun broadband stick and unlimited internet. For 999 that’s really bang for your (or my) buck. I haven’t had problems with connection for the past 2 years, though reception can be spotty when I go on out of town trips. I’ve been on sun prepaid before (when they launched) and quality was really crappy but they’ve improved a lot. I give it 8/10 ;)

  8. I only use Smart and Sun. I have postpaid plan for Smart (consumable). I also have a prepaid Sun. The signal of my smart is stable as compared to my sun. That applies when my husband goes out of town and cant contact me on my Sun but was able to on my smart. I rarely use my smart since most of my colleagues are using sun including my family. I always register to the text unlimited for prepaid which is 150/month. It has unlimited text and 4 hours call to sun. I’m just waiting for my smart postpaid to finish the lock in period then I will get a postpaid from sun for 350.
    Sun -9/10
    Smart – 8/10

  9. I’ve been a Sun subscriber since 2005, i have no problem with them specially in claiming loyalty rewards. Unlike with Globe, they value new subscribers and treat their loyal subscribers as if beggars in order to avail the loyalty program.

  10. I’ve been a SUN subscriber since 2004 and as far as i know, i haven’t experience any problem being with them i’m still a PREPAID then and now that i switched to POSTPAID they’re getting even better and i like their transparency when it comes to their billings….it’s ON TIME and REAL TIME CHARGES…. NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

  11. i think we should also post the location we mostly use our broadband internet. i reside in proj 2, qc and my smartbro shareit plan is quite slow. it improves when i bring it to office which is in ortigas. which provider is good at those locations? and which is good to bring on trips? mine doesn’t work in tagaytay and antipolo. if forgot if it works in batangas city.

  12. Lani Garcia

    I super loved Globe coz ever since I have been with them for a good 12 years, but the signal started getting poor in 2009. Globe has the best deals when it comes to handsets and plans, but the biggest problem is their signal in my area in Cainta/Pasig. No problems or qualms about the CS though as they are quick to resolve issues and reverse charges.

    But as of to date, Smart hits the sweet spot for me, as the signal is super strong and reliable. I went back to re-open my Smart line and OBV is super nice to accommodate re-connection of an old 14 yo line which was suppose to be for Infinity use, they reverted it back to Smart Gold so I can use it. Saang telco ka makakakita ng super bait na owner, will even email you from his iPad. Mr Vea hats off to you! boss ever ^_^ Sa Globe wala lang, parang bale wala lang yung 12 years na pinagsamahan.

  13. SUN wireless broadband really sucks. I’ve subscribe their postpaid (Plan 799) promo last 2011. The lock-in period that time was only for three months. After 6 months of subscription, I decided to cut it off because the signal becomes weaker and weaker (From WCDMA – EDGE). I’ve inform sun shop, but unfortunately they still keep on sending bills and even legal notice stating that you have to settle the unpaid bills. HELL-OOOOOO!! Pina-cut ko na noon pa, its your crap billing system and monitoring system is to blame add up your grouchy and unprofessional agents.

  14. Nora Daylo

    I’ve been using globe for almost 2 years now and so far i am enjoying my postpaid to its limit. Yesterday i got my new samsung device via sunpost paid plan and up to now I’m still having problems connecting to internet. Does anyone of you know how to help me configure my phone? My unit is a Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y. Thanks :)

  15. iba iba talaga ang comments sa 3 networks no? i’ve been waiting for almost 2 weeks sa postpaid application ko sa Globe. to think na naka group plan ako sa kanila for 2 years. :(

  16. Been a Sun prepaid subscriber for 8 years. I got my postpaid this year. Contract will expire this December 2013. Seriously, I have not experienced any inconvenience with Sun. Nung pumunta lang kami sa Palawan wala ako signal. But I was informed beforehand so I tapped to Smart’s signal and voila, there goes my signal again. I just love Sun. Mahirap ung pa-iba iba ng network.

  17. vincepags

    My brother, my cousin, and I both signed up for GLOBE’s Postpaid and we all went through horrible experience during the first months.

    Globe is inconsistent. My brother was charged 24k after 3 days. If you do the math, even if he called an international number or leave the data on for 72 hours straight, its impossible to get that bill.

    My cousin applied for 1799 unli internet, after 2 days, he received a notification that he exceeded 200 MB out of his plan. When in fact, its supposed to be unlimited.

    Mine has a different story. I actually applied for Plan 499 with 200 MB internet. After a month, I received a bill and to my surprise, my internet allocation was unmoved although I watched youtube and surfed the net.

    The next month, I downloaded 5 movies from torrent to test if Globe would charge me of that. And again, unlimited use of internet but didn’t pay for it. I called Globe to check my account and all they could say is I haven’t used my 200 MB internet…

    This is horrible for me because I think one day, Globe would bill me for this extra internet service that has seemed to stick to my account.

    It must have been a glitch in their system


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