Poll: Do you favor Prepaid SIM registration?

Been having lengthy conversations/debates in Twitter, FB and Google+ this afternoon regarding prepaid SIM registration in the Philippines. So I thought I’d post a poll for everyone else here to join in.

Been talking about SIM registration and number portability as far back as 2005 (here) and also wrote the benefits and disadvantages of doing SIM registration earlier this year as well as a proposed bill by Sen. Manny Villar (Senate Bill No. 2644).

Just this afternoon, I was made aware of a life-threatening incident that involved use of SMS so I forwarded the case to telco friends (can’t share the details since privacy/anonymity was explicitly requested).

This also reminded me of the issue in SIM card registration. The talks over at Twitter, FB and Google+ were enlightening so I thought it would be better to put it to a vote here so everyone else can chime in.

Do you favor Prepaid SIM Registration?

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  1. YES!

  2. I think implementing prepaid registration is best to increase security from scams and frauds.

  3. Yes,I agree w/ Meg for security reason.


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