Wednesday, December 5th, 2012
Will you be getting a new smartphone this December?

Will you be getting a new smartphone this December?

It is Christmas season, and most of us are already looking for gifts to give, gifts to ask for and gifts for ourselves (13th month pays? Self-rewarding?). A lot, surely, are keeping an eye on gadgets.

There are a lot of choices out there. Some might eye on the already available Samsung Galaxy S III while some might opt for the more recent Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

If you’re not planning to go that way, there are many more options. We’re pretty sure that there’s no ‘best’ phone, but there is indeed a best phone for you. There’s the Nokia PureView 808 for photographers and some rugged smartphones like the Sony Xperia Acro S for the adventurers.

The iPhone 5 will be launching before Christmas, but let’s not forget that there more devices available outside the Philippines that haven’t arrived here yet. Well, not officially of course. Most of them are available through the gray market and through other sources, but of course these devices will be sold at relatively higher prices.

For example, the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 are already available in the Philippines through other re-sellers – but not through Apple’s stores yet. You can get them at much higher costs, but this is all just the result of the laws of supply & demand.

We can’t help but feel hesitant to buy gadgets (and to ask for gadgets) as we know that there is a possibility that they might get immediately outdated within a few months.

There are the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 – which are not officially announced yet for the Philippines. The list also includes the much awaited Nokia Lumia 920, the Microsoft Surface and the iPad Mini.

And of course, a lot of Filipinos are also waiting on Blackberry 10, which will be available very early next year.

There are a lot of reasons not to buy a new smartphone (or tablet) this December, but of course, what’s Christmas without giving? You’re going to miss the whole point and the spirit if we delay all the giving.

And also, you can’t keep waiting forever. Here we are, receiving the all new iPad and all of a sudden, a newer and faster iPad comes out months later.

So, what will it be? Will you be getting a new smartphone regardless of the price? Would you buy what’s available now? Or would you just let December pass and save the upgrades for next year?

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  1. The Nexus 7 is already available in the market.

  2. If CM will be releasing their OMEGA phone I’ll surely will…

  3. jhepoyski
    Twitter: jhepoyskee

    According to LG Moa Nexus 4 will arrive third week of December with a 23K pricetag.

    • I went to LG SM North today. According to the sales girl (who doesn’t seem too customer friendly), Nexus 4 will arrive in January with a price tag of P 24, 990.

    • bugnoy710

      LG SM North said that Nexus 4 will arrive in January. Priced at P24,990.

      I inquired today. I’m not sure how reliable this is through (mukhang di interested kasi yung sales girl >___<)

  4. NeutralGuy

    Nexus 4 is now available in Kimstore :) 24k :)

  5. chinitoguy

    Yes I’m planning to get either Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Android 4.2 Jellybean or the Google Nexus 10 if its available already.

  6. wreek888

    Already did, bought note2.

  7. I think I’ll stay with Galaxy Nexus since Nexus 4 seems fragile and let’s see what’s Galaxy S IV is gonna be :)

  8. just bought. iphone 5, nexus 7

  9. Nope, still fighting any impulse I have to buy new gadgets XD

    Waiting for that ground breaking device that would actually worth the wait/money… or until my current phone breaks hahaha

  10. Not exactly a smartphone, but I’m planning to get an iPod Touch 5th Gen this December. YAY!

  11. BTW, this website has been blocked by Google, saying that this site contains malware. Please check, admin.

    • Yup. Same here. I’m using FF 16.0.2.

    • Alfredo Aquino

      then don’t use Chrome or Firefox, use instead IE. This site works perfectly with IE.

  12. i am not buying anything. more money in the bank for me! i cant believe people are paying such a high price for gray market gadgets. it doesnt make sense. 40 to 50k for iphone 5! thats 8 months worth of gas for me already…

  13. Nah, my Galaxy S2 is still going strong especially now that I just put CM 10 on it. I had a 3GS before this and I think I’ll stick with a 2 year replacement cycle. I don’t think changing phones every year is worth it since the upgrades are incremental. I’ll get the new Nexus phone next year.

    Although, I am looking for my first tablet and I might be getting the Nexus 10 if it comes out here.

  14. Guyforip5

    Yes an iphone 5 with globe.. #happiness

  15. nope… my 3Gs still serves me well.

  16. riveraj
    Twitter: jerichorivera

    If and when I will buy a smartphone this Xmas it would be the Galaxy Nexus i9250, but I will have to look for the best deal online. No worries about the shipment, it’s gonna be free anyway.

  17. jcnjcjcnjc

    Waiting for lumia 920 to replace my wife’s iphone 4. If nokia ph is slow to release that phone, might get it from Hk or Sg.

  18. already got MS Surface and loving it courtesy of a friend who came home.
    waiting for lumia 920 to replace my 2yr+ HTC HD7

  19. I just replaced my 2yr old LG Optimus One that I got from their 50% OFF promo and got my hands on a beast: The Galaxy Note 2! Happy Christmas! :)

  20. lalaland
    Twitter: heyimjunfe

    im getting 808 pureview, blackberry 10, nokia n9, lumia 620 and iPod touch!!!

    might get nexut 10 though! but im torn apart with iPad 4 and surface…iPad 4 might not interest me anymore due to the fact of its mediocre looks ans surface is kinda overprice of what it got (low res and only 20GB user memory) but you’ll get a semi portable laptop!!!

  21. I’m not getting anything this christmas, my hard earned money goes to the bank. My nokia 5800 is still working fine. Don’t need those android phones. Maybe an iphone but that will come when my current phone breaks down completeley and the possibility is still far. It is unwise to change cellphone every year much more follow the trend, it will only make you poorer.

  22. sylv3rblade

    january likely, when the nexus 4’s pricing has leveled off from it’s current outrageous height.

  23. CF430X Thrill (Cloudfone), the 4160mAh 1,000 / 20-day standby, 40-hours 3G call monstrosity.

    And of course, another red Nokia 808 PureView Pro cameraphone.

  24. I’m not one of those mindless drones who think changing cellphone every year is a fashion trend. So no new phone for me.

  25. ThisIsLumia

    LUMIA 920, definitely. Ughhh I just can’t wait for 1 more month :(


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