5 Ways to Check Blog Growth

Everybody has their own way of measuring blog growth. More often, it’s usually the traffic metrics but there’s more to it than traffic IMO. Let’s revisit several of the online tools and services that measures blog growth:

Some of the 3rd-party metrics tool might overlap in what they use as formula for the figures. The figures I indicated above are for this blog (they’re not that impressive anyway).

Coincidentally, I also wrote a short piece on BlogHerald about One Big Blog vs. Many Smaller Ones. I’d like to hear your thoughts on that matter.

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  1. Excellent article Abe, the blog worth is inflated, but the Alexa ranking is always one of the best measures…

    Don’t forget growth along with optimization to secure your earnings…. (if earnings is one of your goals)

  2. If Alexa ranking is one of the best measures, then I’m screwed. *sobs*

  3. Although my Alexa ranking has improved, I think it’s not worth posting. Hehe :D

  4. Alexa is NOT a good way to measure your blog traffic.

  5. Mr tech (lol corny), how does one get an Alexa rating? I didnt see a sign up link anywhere.


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