Work @ Home Blog Designer Wanted

Someone tipped me about this job opening at JobsDB Philippines:

Blog Artists


  • College graduate
  • Male or Female w/ ages 21-30 yrs old
  • Knowledge and experience of at least 6 mos. in various Blog systems
  • Part-time and willing to work in 10 hrs a week home-based job
  • Must have strong typing skills and some internet surfing experience
  • Must be innovative, strong business sense, have top-notch English writing skill
  • Flexible and hardworking
  • Updated w/ the technological advaces in design and usability
  • Creative w/ a unique flare and passion for designing
  • Coordinate w/ website designers to come up w/ nlog materials

No specific blog platforms were indicated but be prepared for theming WordPress, MovableType, Expression Engine and Drupal (maybe even TextPattern). The company is GMDB of International Employment Agency Group.

For 10 hours a week, working from home, you’ll get at least Php20,000 per month — not bad, eh?

Interested applicants may email

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  1. I wonder if this is going to be a trend: moving away from automated content tools, and focusing on manual methods.

    Saw an ad in the papers the other day (P15,000 for 100 articles). You get paid… 30 days after your articles pass their standards.

  2. That should be good, because I wanted to do a work@home job… kaya lang I’m more of a developer than a designer :(

    Now searching for others… 10 hours a week…

  3. “I wonder if this is going to be a trend: moving away from automated content tools, and focusing on manual methods.”

    Actualy it is a trend since 2003.

  4. Manuel Viloria

    I dunno, Venus. The year 2005 saw the rise of automated content generators which people bought left and right.

    Now that a number of these automatic blogs have been removed, I find newspaper ads for people willing to manually generate content.

    @ Yuga

    That WSJ article perfectly describes these recent advertisers (in Philippine broadsheets) who are looking for writers, este, “re-writers” (i.e., change he/she to you, remove all mentioned links, rewrite sentences completely, combine 3-4 articles into a 300-word article, keywords should appear 3 times, etc.)

  5. I am so TEMPTED :D

    Ughh… Kung konti lang sana ginagawa ko..!!!


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