Asus’ Intel Atom-powered slate to debut on MWC?

Talks of an ASUS tablet with Intel Atom processor at its beating heart has been in the rumor mill even before the last CES begun. But even though the rumored slate didn’t make it for the Vegas tech convention, all is not lost as suggested by the leaked catalog from an online retailer.

The page has already been taken down, but {Techkiddy } was able to secure a copy of the said catalog which reveals the price of the tablet (THB7,900 or Php10,782).

In addition to the 1.2GHz Intel Atom Z2420 processor, the ME371MG or more commonly known in the rumor mill as the ASUS FonePad (not to be confused with the ASUS PadFone) is said to boast 1GB of RAM, 3MP camera, 3G connectivity and will feature the same screen size and resolution as the famous Nexus 7. This Android Jelly bean slate is said to be released in 2 storage variants, 8GB and 16GB and will be available in two unusual colors (Gold and Silver).

Note though that nothing is final up to this point, so take this with your usual grain of salt. We won’t have to wait too long though to find out if there’s any truth to these allegations as were just weeks away from the Mobile World Congress.

Updated: We have another source close to Asus that confirms this “phablet” (this is how they referred to it) and it will have voice and SMS functionality. The expected price is around Php11,000 and will be the first Intel Atom powered smartphone from Asus. It will be available in the market by March. – Yuga


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  1. Wow. I think this phablet will compete the Galaxy Tab 2. But for it’s price and specs its a winner :)

  2. out of all the contributors to this site, ronnie bulaong is the worst. Puro repost lang ano ba yan

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to say the world is flat.


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