Globe to release BlackBerry Q10 in June on Plan 1799

Just got a tip from a source inside Globe that the BlackBerry Q10 is ready to be served to customers next month and it will probably come free with Plan 1799 just like the BB Z10.

Last March, the BlackBerry Z10 was released in the Philippines with all 3 telcos offering the handset at various postpaid plans. However, only Globe offered the Z10 with LTE connectivity. It looks like it’s going to be the same with the BlackBerry Q10.

Globe will also have an early head-start — almost 1 month ahead of other telcos, according to our source. As for the suggested retail price, we’re also looking at Php29,990 just like the Z10.

We’ll just have to wait this June and see if how accurate this leak is.

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  1. abuzalzal

    BB have lost their prestige a loong time ago. In this brutal tech age, bibihira lang nakaka survive pag nawalan ka na ng kinang. I don’t think BB will survive for another 3 years.

    • zarne

      ‘I don’t think BB will survive for another 3 years’

      I will not make the above prediction as I may have to eat my words later on. Blackberry is back in a big way this year.
      -With the launch of the Z10, Blackberry has shown that it can compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung
      -Blackberry returned to profitability this year, a good management indicator
      -Blackberry still have the edge in their ‘BES 10’ and its ability to manage Ios and android devices in corporate server
      -The key to Blackberry’s success is their new ‘QNX based BB10 OS’.Blackberry owned QNX is used in cars like GM, Hyundai,Vokswagen & others.
      -Blackberry is expanding the BB10 platform in cars, starting with Mercedez Benz, more source of revenue for Blackberry. This was announced at the Blackberry Live Conference.

      Site Info. for mobile computing:

      -With Zero (0) debt, Blackberry has about $2 billion in cash. Their cash position will only increase as The Q10 is selling very well.( UK and Canada) This phone is poised to become a best seller for Blackberry.
      It will be a shame if your foggy crystal ball prediction comes true. Imagine the loss of thousands of its employees worldwide.

      As for the price, the carriers make the ultimate decision. The Q10 costs more in most markets so I will be surprised if Philippine phone carriers tag it with the same Z10 price. It is pricey, but it is the best keyboard smartphone in the market period.

    • abuzalzal


      pag SABLAY ang pricing strategy mo…SASABLAY ka talaga…Apple is different though, kasi sila may naipundar ng reputasyon…ang BB WALA pa (as in smartphone-sense)

      Z10’s innards is essentially a Galaxy S3, pero tingnan mo naman…mas mahal pa sa S4…this is a 3rd world country where penny-pinchers abound…mas masahol pa tayo sa Bumbay or Intsik kung minsan…

      Now I ask you, If you own the BB corporation at the moment, susundin mo ba ang current pricing strategy nila?

      C’mon be honest here…unless you’re a paid shill, then nevermind

    • abuzalzal, BB like Apple has their own set of loyal fans. Been reading a lot of blogs, websites etc and a lot of them don’t care about the price XD as long as they have a BB. C’mon i still see a lot of people using and still buying BB smartphones.

      Their target market is also different. BB is established as a “business smartphone”, thus their target market is not the “average people” but rather the business minded or even the socialites.

    • MrProcastinator

      “Z10?s innards is essentially a Galaxy S3, pero tingnan mo naman…mas mahal pa sa S4…this is a 3rd world country where penny-pinchers abound”

      LV’s are technically just a bag as well.
      So should they revise their pricing in the Philippines cause Bench sell bag’s as well which are cheaper by a hundred folds?

      They cater to a specific market pool.
      Not for every average Juan.

  2. Phillip


  3. sanalang

    If Blackberry will give up its pride like what Nokia did, they will definitely survive in this smartphone race =)

    • zarne

      More than lost pride. I think Nokia sold its soul to Windows. Now Windows determine whether Nokia survives or not. I would say that Blackberry is more of a software company. They owned the software company, ‘QNX’, where the BB10 platform is based. Why would Blackberry choose windows or androids OS when they already have the QNX based BB10. QNX is a modern systems deployed in business sectors like the Military, NASA, Hospitals, Telecommunications and Automobiles & others. Now Blackberry is extending the BB10 OS platforms to Automobiles starting with Mercedez Benz. Also, BB is developing BBM channels, a social networking like like Twitter or Facebook. I think that this is a break trough year for Blackberry.

  4. arvinsim

    A very hard sell in the Philippines with that price…

  5. zarne

    “C’mon be honest here…unless you’re a paid shill, then nevermind”

    Your suggestion that I am a paid shill was a dumb ass ignorant comment as I never made any suggestion to anyone to support or buy blackberry product.
    -Your comment on ‘BB Reputation’; Do some reading. You will be surprised to know BB is a pioneer in the smartphone business. They failed to innovate and was left behind in the touch screen phone revolution in the last several years. With the introduction of new devices this year, BB10 OS has proven that it can be equal or better than the other phone O/S in the market. Just google ‘QNX’ for some Info.
    -your Spec. comparison of Q10 to S3 or S4 is meaningless because you are comparing apple to an orange. The phones are made from different platforms plus, one has physical keyboards and the others don’t.
    -As for price strategy, BB knows that they have the best ‘keyboard smartphone’ right now in their Q10. There is no serious competition in this market segment anymore and judging from previous releases in the UK and Canada, there is still a huge demand for Qwerty Phone.It is a smart move by BB to price this phone as a high end phone, after all, It is a high end phone. The target market for this phone, eg. Gov’t,Business, Professionals,former BB users are the people who will choose the Q10 with the price being the last consideration for them.

    – It was reported that BB will be releasing a new devise, the Q5 which is a mid range phone.Obviously this will be more affordable compared to the Z10 and Q10.
    -I bought the Nexus 4 recently, a good phone for apps. and games but it is too big for my pocket. Now my kid is loving it for the games and GPS maps. The BB messaging and many keyboard shortcuts, size, excellent radio signals,better phone features are the BB deal breakers for me.

  6. Premium priced because it’s a flagship phone. They will also release a budget qwerty phone for the financially challenged.

  7. QNX platform shouts SECURITY that is why BB have their own OS. Unlike android OS driven phones w/c could be infected or tampered with spams,
    I agree with Zane BB phone users are the people who will choose the z10 or q10 with the price being the last consideration and would give emphasis to security of data as vital and foremost.
    Why don’t you copy below address on your address bar and see for yourself abuzalzal why the BB10 OS or their phone wont just die easy.
    Bottom line here is US DoD needs them.

  8. Steelio

    i’ve been waiting for this news for MONTHS! hells yeah FINALLY its touching down on these shores. and on my birthweek too natch!

    so this is just a straightforward sign-up at your nearest Globe Biz Center? no big deal event like what Smart did at the Podium when they debuted the Samsung Note couple years back?

  9. MrProcastinator

    Finally here :)

    As to those who brush off BB because of the price, well.

    We can see the difference now can we not?

    BB loyalist cant be bothered by something so trivial as price, please.

    Just saying.

  10. This phone is for business minded people. Judging from previous posts, with that level of thinking. I dont need this phone is suited for you. I usee d a bb9900 before and I must say when it comes to communication and social media. Blackberry still rocks. I’m currently using s3 but the quality of blackberry just left a taste so good in my mouth that all i can think it lacks are proper apps to back it up.


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