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January 23, 2012

Samsung Phone Price List in the Philippines

Samsung phones price list in the Philippines. See updated cellphone prices for June 2011 here.

Samsung E1080: Php1,290
Samsung E2120: Php2,290
Samsung E1125: Php1,790
Samsung C3053: Php3,990
Samsung B2100: Php6,340
Samsung C5212: Php6,290
Samsung C6112: Php8,990
Samsung S5233 Star: Php8,490
Samsung S5233 Star WiFi: Php10,990
Samsung S5233 Star TV: Php11,590
Samsung S8003 Jet: Php19,990
Samsung B3210 Corby Text: Php7,390
Samsung B3310 Corby: Php5,590
Samsung B3410 Corby Text Slide: Php7,990
Samsung B5310 Corby Pro: Php13,290
Samsung S3653 Corby Touch: Php7,990
Samsung S3653 Corby Touch WiFi: Php9,590
Samsung S5560 Marvel: Php13,950
Samsung B5722: Php11,290
Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite: Php14,890
Samsung B7320 Omnia Qwerty: Php13,390
Samsung B7330 Omnia Qwerty II: Php15,990
Samsung B7610 Omnia Pro: Php22,990
Samsung i8000 16GB Omnia 2: Php29,790
Samsung i8000 16GB Omnia 2: Php32,190
Samsung i8910 16GB Omnia 2: Php33,390
Samsung i8910 8GB Omnia 2: Php31,490